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All in the Game Part 1

"He took hold of her knickers on either side of her hips and really slowly pulled them down.  Now, we knew Jim and me were free to fuck his wife."

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We arrived back from our holidays around teatime and Di was on the phone to Beth.  She wanted to know what happened the night Jim stayed when Tom, her husband, was away.  I think she also wanted to tell her about her gangbang on holiday (see Holiday Games).  Apparently, Tom was out for a drink with Jim, so Beth said she would be over shortly.  My mind started already; a chance to involve Jim.  We would always keep our secrets from Tom, but instead of Jim fucking Beth without Tom knowing, it would open up a whole new world if the five of us could spend the night fucking each other.

Beth arrived five minutes later.  I opened the door to her and as she came in, her arms went around my neck and she kissed me hard, her tongue roaming around my mouth as my hands lifted her skirt from behind and pulling the cheeks of her arse wide.  As she pulled away, her hand rubbed my hardening cock through my jeans and she said it looked like I missed her as much as she missed me.  Beth seemed a little disappointed when I left to go and meet her husband and Jim at the pub.

A few hours later, I brought them both back to my house.  They both thought we were going to have a repeat of the three of us fucking my wife, until they realised Beth was there too.  The girls were in the dining room sat at the table and it looked like they had been drinking too.  Di made us a drink while we sat with them.

We sat for about an hour, drinking and talking, mainly about sex.  It was a bit odd because Tom knew that Jim had fucked my wife, and the rest of us knew that he had also fucked Tom’s wife.  I thought that the time was right to get the cards out.  I suggested strip poker and they all agreed.  I then added that the game could end up with us all fucking each other.  The winner got to choose who fucked who, here on the table, in front of the rest, before the rest of us joined in.  I didn’t think they would, but Tom and Beth agreed.  I didn’t have to ask my wife after what she did on our holiday, and Jim didn’t need to be asked.

I dealt the cards.  We used the quick version; I left the Joker in the pack and whoever it landed on removed a piece of clothing and within half hour, we were all down to our underwear.  Tom had the next Joker.  I told him to stand on the table and his wife had to pull his pants down if she was fine for him to fuck my wife later and to reveal what we could all see was a fully erect cock.  Beth didn’t hesitate as she pulled his band forward to free Tom’s cock and pulled his pants to his feet.  She took hold of it and drew it into her mouth and gave him a quick suck.

Next was Jim.  He just stood on the table and asked the girls to remove his pants together.  The girls stood and reached for a side each.  His cock sprung free from his pants as they fell to the table.  This time it was my wife that took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking him for about a minute.

Now Beth; the moment we know if Tom will surrender his wife to us. We could all see how wet her knickers were, so we knew that Beth wanted fucking.  He took hold of her knickers on either side of her hips and really slowly pulled them down.  Now, we knew Jim and me were free to fuck his wife.

Finally, my wife.  Instead of letting me remove her knickers, she asked Jim.  She said it was unfair as I’ve been removing them from her for the past twenty years.  Jim stood, cook pointing at my wife, he pulled her knickers until the just fell to the table.  He then pulled Di forward towards him and with his hands on her arse, he buried his mouth into her pussy before she got off the table and sat down.

That left only me.  I didn’t deal the cards; I just stood on the table and was surprised both girls removed my pants.  This time, they took it in turns sucking my cock for a couple of minutes.  Tom’s eyes didn’t move from his wife the whole time, even though he fucked her after I had filled her with my juice a couple of weeks ago.

Because I won and to push Tom further, I decided that Jim had to fuck Beth.  Tom didn’t look happy at all, which I found a little selfish after him already fucking my wife a couple of times.  But with how hard his cock was, I think that would rule his head.  Beth climbed onto the table from next to her husband.  She moved over to Jim on her hands and knees and leant forward to kiss him.  Jim played with her dangling tits while their tongues played together.  Tom must have had a perfect view of his wife’s arse and probably swollen pussy.  Jim stood and Beth took his rigid cock into her mouth.  After a couple of minutes, he moved around the table until he was at Beth’s chair next to her husband.  He reached across and pulled her backwards by her legs and had her turn over, resting her arse at the edge of the table.  Tom was right next to his wife; his faces inches from her pussy and about to see another man’s cock fuck her.

Beth’s legs were already wide as she had her feet on the table.  Jim wasn’t going to fuck about with using his tongue on her pussy; holding his cock in his hand and pushing Beth’s leg further back, making sure her husband could see, as he rubbed the tip up and down between her pussy lips and then slowly, but in one movement, pushed it fully into Beth.  We all heard her gasp as she took the longest cock of the three of us deep inside her.  He didn’t fuck her slowly, either.  He hammered her pussy from the start, making Beth scream and she had her first orgasm in about thirty seconds.  It didn’t stop Jim as he pounded into her faster and faster.  Finally, he screamed and threw his head back as his juice erupted deep inside Tom’s wife; all while the three of us watched.

Breathing heavily, he let Beth’s legs down as his cock shrunk to a semi erection.  He had no sooner moved than Tom was between his wife’s legs.  Beth gasped loudly again as this time her husband’s solid cock rammed into her vagina.  Although his cock was thicker than Jim’s, he had no problem as Jim’s cum was seeping from her pussy, making sure she was well lubricated.

Again Beth orgasmed with Tom’s onslaught on her pussy.  He didn’t last as long as Jim as he rammed into her until he had joined his cum to Jim’s inside his wife.  Keeping her legs wide, he fell forward onto her.  As she wrapped her arms and legs around her husband, they kissed tenderly, both spent.

When Tom finally moved, Beth hadn’t finished as my wife moved in between her legs, sucking and licking until she had swallowed every drop of their juice and I placed my cock in Beth’s mouth.  Beth came twice more as Di cleaned her and I fucked her mouth.  It didn’t take long before I fired my juice into her mouth and she managed to swallow most of it.

Although the three of us had just cum inside Beth, we knew that by the time we had reached our bedroom, we would be ready for the girls again, as Di and Beth led the way.

Written by Anonymous

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