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All n the Game Part 2

"Tom said he nearly came when Jim’s cock entered his wife’s pussy for the first time"

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Beth crawled to the middle of the bed, her arse in the air.  Di was behind her, pulling Beth’s arse wide so the pink insides of her pussy were open for her to sink her tongue into.  For the next 15 or so minutes, we were treated to a full girl on girl session, both bringing each other to a few orgasms with their tongues, mouth and fingers.  All three of our cocks were solid now, ready to fuck these two gorgeous girls again.

Di pointed at Jim and beckoned him on to the bed.  She put him on his back between her and Beth and Beth took hold of his rigid cock as Di kissed him while his balls were in her hand.  Jim was squeezing on of Di’s tits as Beth took his cock into her mouth, all the while, looking straight at her husband.  She slowly raised her head up and down on his cock with her eyes locked on Tom.

My wife moved down to join her, taking Jim’s balls into her mouth, gently sucking them.  Between them, they licked up and down his cock and took it in turns to suck his cock into their mouths.  This time, Beth moved up to grind her mouth onto Jim’s, giving him the opportunity to mould and squeeze her tits.  Di held his balls and rubbed them in her hand as she sucked hard on his cock; until Beth came back down to join her.

Di said something to Beth and Beth moved sideways a little and took hold of Jim’s cock while Di lifted her leg over him.  Pulling her own pussy lips wide, Beth rubbed Jims cock up and down Di’s pussy, covering him in her juice as Di slowly sank onto him until his cock made her gasp as it’s full length filled her.  My wife’s eyes were wide open looking directly at me as his cock bottomed out deep inside her.  Leaning back and raising her arse, Jim started to thrust upwards into her.  I could see her pussy starting to turn deep red and swell as he fucked her.  Beth leant over and started liking her clit, making Di scream to another orgasm.

The girls now changed places, giving Tom a chance to see his wife fucked by Jim again as Beth slid easily down his cock.  Just like my wife, Beth also gasped as Jim’s cock filled her deeper than mine or her husbands could reach.  I looked across at Tom and his eyes were on Jim’s cock hammering in and out of his wife.  He was wanking his own cock in time with his wife being fucked.  I had to nudge him to look at my wife as she had her arse in the air, beckoning him to go to her.  As he moved towards her, she used her hands to pull her arse cheeks wide, opening her pussy, inviting Tom’s thick cock to fuck her.

He placed his own hands on her cheeks and used his mouth and tongue on her pussy.  All I could hear was the girl’s moans and screams of pleasure as Jim fucked Beth to another orgasm and Di came over Tom’s mouth.  Tom stood and holding his thick cock, he rubbed up and down my wife’s slit, using her juice to lubricate his bulbous tip.  From where I was standing, it looked huge against Di’s swollen lips.  It was amazing to watch as he pushed slowly forward and my wife’s pussy swelled and opened.  Di moaned louder the deeper his cock penetrated her.  He only thrust in and out a couple of times before her body shuddered as a huge orgasm overtook her.  Tom kept his cock buried fully inside her until her orgasm subsided, then he started a rhythmic pounding of her pussy which sounded like my wife was in constant orgasms.

While I was watching Tom fucking my wife, his wife had lifted herself from Jim’s cock and was now below him, on her hands and knees, with her mouth full of his cock.  I wasn’t waiting to be asked as I held my throbbing cock and pushed it smoothly into Beth’s well fucked pussy.  I heard her moan even though her mouth was full.  I seemed to have fallen into the same rhythm as Tom.  We fucked each other’s wife in unison, together.

Tom turned Di onto her back.  Taking her legs over his shoulders, he pushed them back as far as they would go and easily slid his cock into my wife’s pussy.  Our bedroom was full of the sounds of the girl’s moans and screams as they had one orgasm after another as our cocks pounded into them.  Jim was the first to fill Beth’s mouth as he held her head and thrust upwards.  I could hear her gulping as she was trying to take everything down her throat as his balls emptied all his sperm.

Jim slid from under Beth and offered his cock to my wife.  She opened her mouth and sucked him in until she had cleaned Jim’s and Beth’s juices from it.  Glancing over, I could tell that Tom was close too; his cock hammering into Di’s deep red vagina.  Finally, he threw his head back as he emptied into my wife.  Seeing this, I couldn’t hold back either.  I gripped Beth’s arse tightly as my arse powered backwards and forwards faster and harder until finally I felt my own juice fire from my cock into her soft insides.

I fell back from Beth, my wet, limp cock coming free from her warm pussy.  Her head was resting on her arms and turned towards Di and Tom, her husband.  Tom had slid sideways off my wife and Jim rested on his knees between my wife’s and Tom’s wife’s heads.  Looking around, I could see three limp cocks and two swollen pussies.  I watched as my cum started to leak from between Beth’s pussy and slowly dribbled down her leg.  Looking over at my wife, Tom’s juice was sliding down over her arse.  All of us were breathing heavily and as our eyes kept meeting, we suddenly burst into laughter.  It took the sexual tension from the atmosphere.

We were all knackered, but I found the energy to go and bring drinks up for us.  I also brought the girls knickers so they could hold our juice inside themselves.  During the next hour, we talked about what happened tonight and what could happen in the future.  Tom said he nearly came when Jim’s cock entered his wife’s pussy for the first time and then when he fucked her after Jim had filled her with his juice; it was like shoving his cock into soft velvet.  I told him I knew what he meant and Di was happy for other cocks to fill her up for me.  Beth said she was happy to do the same for Tom and he agreed.  So it seemed our little group will continue for the near future.

We agreed for once a month.  I showed them to the door, knowing that the weekend Tom is away, Beth will be here along with Jim.  But now, my wife was upstairs waiting for me, with her vagina full of Tom’s juice; just waiting to be fucked.

Written by Annonymous

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