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Art class

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Recently divorced Sarah was in need of some fun in her life. Her children had all grown and flown the nest, she wanted to spend some time on herself, for herself.

She had signed up to an art class, she was looking forward to getting stuck in as she had enjoyed painting before marriage and children. Tonight was the first session, she had bought new paints, brushes and canvases and she sat at the easel waiting for the class to begin.

The room soon filled up with people from various lifestyles. At the easel next to her was a lady called Jane, she had introduced herself when she sat down and chatted away to Sarah explaining her life story.

The tutor entered the room along with a man dressed in a robe. Sarah suddenly stopped listening to Jane and was totally transfixed on the man who was to be their life model this evening. He caught her looking and gave a cheeky smile with a wink. This made Sarah blush and turned away, Jane noticed this exchange and stated “now I wouldn’t mind a piece of that done arse” both ladies giggled and agreed.

The tutor explained that this evenings class would be a nude drawing and at that point the man had disrobed and both women gasped at his physique. He was muscular but not in a body builder kind of way, you could tell he worked out but that he also liked his food. His backside was just tight enough to look good in a pair of jeans and his penis……..well, both the women and the men were impressed.

Sarah was aware of her pussy getting moist and her nipples getting hard. Her thoughts were getting away from her as she imagined herself and the man naked, sweaty, bodies grinding against one another. “Sarah” Jane hissed which snapped her back to reality, Jane giggled “I can guess what you were thinking” Sarah just laughed and got herself together.

The class lasted about an hour, the tutor came around and assessed everyone’s work. Sarah wanted to get home quickly, she needed to release this tension that had built up inside her. She had never been so turned on by just the sight of someone and she needed to take care of it. Sarah and Jane exchanged numbers and agreed to meet for a coffee during the week, then went their separate ways.

Sarah got to her car, she couldn’t wait to get home, she needed to relieve herself now! She could feel her nipples getting harder, enough to see them poking through her flimsy summer dress. She quickly removed her panties and started to stroke her inner thigh. With the other hand she unbuttoned the top of her dress so that she could access her breasts and started to play with her nipple.

She twisted, pulled and flicked her nipple making it harder and more sensitive. Her breathing was getting heavy and she could feel her pussy pulsing. Her other hand quickly moved to her clit and began circling it, slowly at first and then got faster. With her breasts still exposed she moved her other hand to her pussy, whilst one was circling her clit she pushed two fingers into her already wet pussy and began finger fucking herself. Faster and harder she pumped those fingers inside, until she shuddered and cum over her hand.

She sat there for a little bit, getting her breath back. She smiled, then licked her fingers - she loved to taste herself. Buttoned up her dress and composed herself to drive back home.

It was at that moment she realised that the naked model man had been watching her get herself off…..

Written by curiousmilf75

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