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An affair with my mates wife messy

"She said fuck me from behind and slap my arse"

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This is a story filling me with guilt , a few years ago I started having an affair with my work mates wife . If you can think of every cliche, I have thoughts it , looking back now I was a twat ,I should have stopped it , and yes I’d does take 2 to tango but it was lust . I had know Jack for about 5 years , he was head hunted by the company I work for , he was confident , funny and we hit it off . I was married then , our marriage fizzled out , we became distant , it wasn’t a good time . The company laid on “team building courses” Then there was Christmas parties , summer BBQ , then I got a new girl friend and Me , Anna , Jeff and his wife Lily became a 4some when we could, drinks , meals we even went to Paris for a weekend , a bonus reward from the company. Paris was magical , after 2many cocktails Jeff & Anna has called it a night , we jokingly laughed calling them lightweights. We had a night cap , I said what a laugh we’ve had and how romantic Paris is to re ignite the bedroom spark , she said for you maybe , there has been no spark for months , she said she only came to Paris to socialise with other people , she said Jeff is a workaholic, always on his phone , laptop , but I need to be wanted. I didn’t know what to say , but I did say that Jeff was a fool to ignore you , you were beautiful and Jeff was a lucky man. Why men say the wrong thing but Lily said Anna’s is beautiful I said she’s a 7 out of 10 , Lily said what am I ? I said a 8 before Paris a 9 now, there was a silence and she said thank you . We had a hug finished our drink and then we called it a night. The next day we flew back , but I caught Lily looking at me , little glances , a few days later Jeff said to me could I do him a favour and pick up Lily and take her home , I couldn’t say yes quick enough , Jeff was finishing of a client project . I sent a message to Lily were to be so I could pick her up without parking , she was all smiles , lots of small talk , I asked how her day was she said she had done some shopping , she said she had brought some new titalating clothing to tease Jeff, once again I should shut up , but no I said you don’t need clothes you are stunning as you are , she smiled. She said come in and keep me company ,inside she put the kettle on , she had a message from Jeff saying he was working late , lily was angry and she melted in my arms , I sat her down and she said their marriage was a sham . I listened , I went to get my coffee she said I want something stronger , a double scotch on the rocks , that didn’t touch the sides , then it happened we kissed , it went from a peck to a full in passionate kiss , her hands were everywhere rubbing my bulge . I said stop , what are we doing , she kissed me again and I pulled her skirt up panties to one side I licked her pussy , she grinded my face into her pussy , she was very vocal , lick me lick me , I used my fingers to finger fuck her and she orgasmed , she said fuck me , I unbuttoned my pants and jocks and I pushed into her wet pussy , I was slow to start she said fuck me , I fucked her deep , she said I want to suck you cock , I pulled out , took off my pants and she went all in , sucking away , I told her I’m ready to come , she stopped sucking and got on all fours , she said fuck me from behind and spank my arse , I like that . As ordered I fucked her , and the slaps made her even more vocal ,I said I was going to cum , I pulled out and shot on her arse, she spun around to clean up my cock . She said I needed that , we were going to go in her bedroom , I said I couldn’t , so we went in the spare bedroom , the sex was intense , Lily came a few more times , she even came while I was rimming and licking her arse and slapping it . We had to stop and make out nothing had happened , but this was the start , the affair got crazier , we would arrange to meet up for a quickie In my car , outside , we found this old abandoned building , close to the coast , I remember picking her up , she had a lovely coat on , we arrived at the building , she unbuttoned her coat and she had sexy undies on nothing else , I called her my sexy slut , thinking she would be affended but she loved it . I tried to end the affair , she was married , she got annoyed , then she said she loved me , and she would tell Jeff and Anna I had seduced her , I panicked she calmed down , we still met up , we were in a multi car park , she gave me a blow job , started in the car , but finished outside , another car arrived but she carried on not missing a suck. I spoke to my brother , not naming names he said suggest something kinky and this may end the affair . I went on a chat room looking for a woman to join us for a 3 some , I whittled it down to 2 , chatted to both ladies who were bi and more interested in Lily than me , Carla lived local and looking at her profile she wasn’t shy , she even said she had a box full of sex toys including a strap on . Then I went all in , I spoke to Lily and sent her Carlas profile she lost the fucking plot , crying , screaming , saying I was being unfaithful, I said you are married . I never got a message from Lily for about a week , it was are u ok ? Then a heart emoji , then she came into work to see Jeff , she said walk me to my car , she said , she would do the 3some but I couldn’t fuck Carla . My plan had backfired, then luck was shining on me I got a career move to Milton Keynes , I jumped at it . Lily even said she would leave Jeff , I did move and I ended with Lily , I still kept intouch with Jeff , he told me that he and Lily has split up , then the bombshell , she was having an affair with one of her neighbours. If Jeff would have balanced his marriage with his work , Lily would have been a good wife , there again I’m no angel , I could have said I couldn’t pick his wife up but I will arrange a Uber , but I didn’t ......... I’m not proud, I was weak and as the saying goes “an erect penis has no conscience”
Written by Jaime & Lily

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