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Running from a husband

"Directly to a sweet Cherry"

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I met Cherry at a club and had arranged to take her back. It is a three hour drive to her flat and two hours too the club. Ten hours travelling. 

It was four days before the arrangement that something usually happened,  a second lady was interested in me, so I arranged to meet her.

"Cherry, would you mind if I pick you up on Friday?" I asked. "I have a hotel room."

"Yes." She answered quickly. 

"I'll call you on Friday."

"OK" the conversation was a bit longer but not much.

Friday I booked into the hotel come pub on my own then went to meet Claire. 

She opened the door, a tall bottle blonde dressed in a see through robe and basque. 

There were two glasses of wine on a low table. She handed one too me, turning to show her curves.

She opened my top few buttons and whispered. "Do you want me here."

I stepped on the back of my shoes to remove them. Her robe was open. My hands found soft skin and hard foundations, then a humid pussy. 

She pulled at my belt as we smudged her lipstick. She sat down and took my cock in her mouth. I looked down at her naked shoulders as she allowed the robe to slip away. I held her shoulder wanting to get my cock in her pussy.

That is when in happened.  The front door went.

"My husband." Claire whispered pointing at a door in a tone that indicated that her husband would not enjoy seeing me fucking his wife on the sofa.

I grabbed my shoes in one hand and held my trousers up making for the door. I shut the door and listened as I awkwardly pulled my belt shut.

"Who's car is in the street?" 

"I don't know darling, do you like my outfit?" 

My car was two streets away.

"Is it new?" He asked.

I made my way the the backdoor,  the key was in it. I crept around the house and pulled my shoes on. I limped down the road before stopping to take a stone out of my shoe. As I paused, I wondered how much attention she got from her husband and if I would get another invite. 

I got back to my car and noticed lipstick on my face. I wiped it off and phoned Cherry to arrange picking her up.

As we drove to the hotel she asked why I came down early.

I told her the truth. "I had a meet."

"Was she good?" Cherry asked,  clearly wanting to know.

"I think she would have been but her husband came home."

"Poor thing. Did you jump out of the bedroom window?"

"No, I rushed out of the back door."

"Her loss is my gain."

"That is one way to look at it."

"It's my way. She should have called you in earlier."

"Yes she should have."

I felt her hand on my leg.

We put Cherry's bag in the room and went down to the bar for dinner. The landlady who booked me in gave us a look.

"She thinks you're a fast worker." Cherry said.

"If I was faster I may have got my end away this afternoon."

"At least you were fast enough to leave."

We had dinner.

On getting back to my room we knocked the bed against the wall.

"I hope there is no one in the next room." I commented. 

"Bet he is wanting like mad."

"Want another cock?" I joked.

"Not tonight."

Cherry was getting sloppy, and I was pumping my first load out of her.

"I must be mad, coming to a stranger's hotel room and letting you fuck me like this."

"I've had you before,  I'm not a stranger."

"You could be a sex mad ax killer."

"I'm sex mad with my chopper in you."

"It's a lovely chopper."

"It's a lovely pussy."

There was lots more banta as we fucked.

We finally got to sleep, but woke in the night.

"Why did I let you fuck me baraback." Cherry asked.

"I wondered why I let you." I replied, sliding into her.

"I like your cock."

Since she was being so Saxon I ventured. "Just as well I enjoy fucking your cunt."

"You like fucking."

"So do you."

"I'm a slut, do you mind?"

"You are a very fuckable slut."

Then the bed became wet under us, then wet again and I filled her. I managed to fill her once more.

"Just as well, it's a big bed." I told her.

"Room for more cocks and cunts."

"Space to move away from the wet patch."

"You did it to me."

"Yes I did."

"Smug bastard."

"Filthy slut."

"I know,  now get off me. Its wet here."

The next day we went to the club, but that is another story….

Written by tmann

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