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I met Cherry at a club

"We had a funking good time"

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I first met Cherry at a club. It was her first club

I had just arrived,  stripped off and wrapped a towel around me and taken a walk around. I was sat on a sofa looking for hints from a couple that had just arrived. 

The woman took her coat off. She had what a discovered later were holdups, something that could have passed for a miniskirt if it was a little more substantial and a red top that closed at the front with a knot. It knotted, holding her tits and pulling my eyes to her cleavage. 

She sat on the next sofa. We leaned towards each other and said nothing that I remember.  Then I asked if she kissed. She proved she kiss, real well. I pulled at the knot and took a tit in my hand.

"Let's find a bed." I said.

I took her off to a room and her skirt came off. I fingered and kissed her, but she wanted cock. I gave it to her, twice.

We found the hot tub and spent some time there.

She got out just ahead of me. I followed her, but stopped when I saw a couple and two guys. I touched her and asked if I could have her. You need condoms.

I think I surprised them when I pulled a small bag from my towel. I rolled a condom on and took her over a padded frame. She refused to kiss.

I managed to get her off and filled the condom. As I left another guys was opening a condom.

I found Cherry with five men around her. I went back to the sofas. I chatted with a couple. 

When Cheery came back she sat next to me.

Our next trip to the beds was as a 4sum and a few hopeful guys. The other woman never did much, but her husband fucked Cherry. We both fucked Cherry. The other guy pulled a few toys out and used on her.

Cherry and I hugged on the sofa, then she went back to the big bed with another guy.

I followed, watched her fucking. I lay beside her and kissed her.

"Hello." She said.

I slipped into her without asking. 

"Oooo." She responded. I wore myself out fucking her and the three of us lay there.

Then her lift came in and warned her "fifteen minutes."

"What are we going to do?" Cherry asked.

"Snog and use what happens." I told her.

All she has to do is kiss me and my cock hardens. I fucked her.

She went off to get dressed. I gathered her skirt, then found her red top.

She put her coat on and I handed her skimpy garments to her. She never put them on. She did give me her profile name.

She told me later that she never fucked the man who took her. Not when he picked her up, at the club or when he dropped her off. She felt guilty about that.

Written by tmann

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