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19 Jan 2019

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Saturday 27th October

Part 1

Those that know me are aware that I have a very long bucket list of things that I want Sally to experience. I have been so lucky to have persuaded her to sleep with other men and even for it to become a relatively normal part of her life. I have been planning on adding a third guy to the mix for months. My friends and Sally's fuck buddies, Brian, Ian and I first sat and discussed how we would do it back in June this year and have been plotting every since. My theory was that if it were two guys with me that she knew, had fucked and and was comfortable with she would be more accepting of the scenario.

Sally's reluctance for adding more guys is based on the fact that in a one on one sexual relationship, even with a stranger, that sexual gratification is mutual. That most guys would reciprocate and try to pleasure her as much as she pleasures them. However, with three guys sex becomes more one way. She is being used for sex, a sexual object.  This view is difficult to argue against, but as I keep telling her, guys come to fuck her and not for her wit and engaging conversation. Harsh, but true.

I am always as up front with Sally as I can be. I might have my motives, but trust is very important in our relationship. I had told Sally that this is what I wanted her to experience and how it might play out. I put the onus on her to solve the problem. She avoided the question for a while, but I am patient and persistent and made subtle suggestions and she finally agreed to invite Brian and Ian together.

I had arranged to meet both guys in the pub around 3pm. It was a gorgeous early autumn day, temperatures up to around 20 degrees and Sally was wearing a summer dress and sandals. We sat outside enjoying the sun and having a drink.  My heart was beating out of my chest when they arrived almost within 5 minutes of each. We are all very good friends these days. Sally has fucked both men many times over the past year and so this was not in the slightest bit awkward. We got drinks in and settled down for an hour enjoying the weather and of course gorgeous Sally. Sally had been a bit distant this morning, probably her mind on the afternoon ahead, but with a couple of glasses of wine inside her she was now relaxed and smiling.

The banter was crude and sexual from the off and the guys and me were keen to get back to the house to get started. They could not keep their hands off her, even in the pub they were stroking her thighs and bottom as discretely as possible. We got back to the house and immediately headed up stairs. Sally and the guys were naked in minutes and Sally had assumed a position on the bedroom floor and was already sucking them off when I came into the bedroom with my camera. I got in on the act and for the first time Sally now had three eager cocks to satisfy and we all needed satisfying.

I had asked only two things from the evening, 1/ To fill all her holes and 2/ That the first time we each shot our loads one after the other into her mouth for her to swallow. I know that sounds like the plot of a porn film, but I have always been amazed at how those porn girls can take that much cum like that. I wanted to see Sally do it. I had even asked them both to try and refrain from cuming for a few days so their balls would be full and heavy. I had even done the same, which is not easy when you have a woman like Sally who has a high sex drive. Timing was good, I had worked late on Tuesday evening, I was also out on Wednesday night for a work event, Sally had spent the night with Lee on Thursday night and Sally had gone out with the girls on Friday night. I had a good 5 days stored up and I am a heavy cummer anyway. The guys had agreed and that was the plan.

Before the cum scenario though Sally was going to get fucked by each of us in all her holes. She knew it was going to happen and she was her usual passive and compliant self. It started off a bit of a frenzy all of us jockeying for position. She was on the bed on her back while Ian fucked her pussy first and Brian and I had our cocks sucked. Then changed so Brian was fucking her, then I got my turn while the two guys tried to put both their cocks in her mouth. I have to be honest we did use her and it was a one way sexual gratification. We fucked her hard and rough!

Yes it happened after about 30 minutes. I laid on the bed and Sally climbed on top so I was in her pussy, Brian positioned himself behind her and fucked her arse and Ian stood astride my head and had her suck his cock. The first time she had all her holes filled together. We were relentless and she did use our safe word at least 3 times to either get her breathe or change position. To be honest the position always ended up being with all her holes filled. We just kept rotating round.

I was really struggling on not cumming and had to keep stopping to prevent myself from dumping my load to early. Luckily Brian was in the same position and well over an hour after we started Brian was the first to cum in her mouth. Brian was fucking her pussy at the time and I was standing by the bed with Ian kneeling on the bed on the other side as Sally sucked our cocks one after the other. Brian suddenly jumped up, stumbled off the bed, banged his knee on the bedstead, swore loudly and then handing me off Rugby style aimed his cock in Sally's general direction. The first cum shot somehow missed Ian, but he got a better position and the remainder went into her mouth. I was smiling to see that Brian pumped an impressive cum load onto her tongue. I instructed her firmly not to swallow. She obeyed pulling some funny faces as she swilled his cum in her mouth. Ian had gotten out of the way quickly and by the time Brian had finished he was already pushing his cock into Sally's pussy.

All this was to much for me and I resumed my position by the bed and wanked off directly over her head. Her head was bobbing back and forth as Ian fucked her enthusiastically. A couple of minutes later I was cumming myself. I am not much of a squirter when I cum. It is more like turning on a tap and I was gushing my load into her open mouth. Even Sally was surprised and gargled a shriek as I just kept pumping my semen coating her tongue. I stood back and admired my work. Her open mouth was now an ocean of milky white semen. Sally was pulling all kinds of funny faces and I could tell she was keen to get this over with. Ian was last and a few minutes later he withdrew his cock and with a great deal more elegance than Brian straddled Sally's head kneeling above her on the bed and aimed his cock into her mouth. Three very heavy cum loads swilling around in her mouth. Ian got off the bed and Sally sat up resting on her elbows and without any instruction swallowed in three gulps with accompanying disgust on her face. She even showed us that her mouth was empty. At that moment she dashed off to the bathroom fearing she was going to be sick.

In the aftermath, Brian was now nursing a very bruised and painful knee and Sally stayed in the bathroom trying not to be sick. Not quite part 2 that we wanted so Ian and I decided to give Sally a break and got changed and headed back down to the pub to enjoy the sunshine before getting another go on Sally.

To be continued...

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