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Spartan 7

"Life with Sosipatra"

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I had been away from home for 14 months and my wife, Sosipatra looked after the farm, it would be the first time we had seen each other in all that time.

I returned to Sparta shortly after my 30th birthday, at 30 Spartans become full citizens and joined a reserve Mora, unless Sparta was in great danger I would spend my time with Sosipatra. 

Sosipatra was waiting for me as I reached home.

"Husband, welcome, come in."

Sosipatra led me to bed. 

"I have saved myself for you." (She meant I was the first that day.)

I kissed my wife and searched her body for the pleasure spots I remember. 

Our bodies entwined in loving urgency. 

After sex Sosipatra showed be our 1 month old son, later I met my daughters when they return from school.

The following night Sosipatra invited two long haired widows.

"Husband, this is Lego and Milo."

"Lego, it has been a long time. Milo, nice to meet you." Lego looked different in her long widows hair. She had let her hair grow since her husband died at Thermopylae.

We had dinner and dismissed the staff.

We retired to the most comfortable bed I had been in for over a year.

We were naked when we reached the bed. Milo took me in her arms. Sosipatra took Lego, to the other side of the bed. I had not seen women on women often, not since the night by the river when a friend and I witnessed the Moon Festival. 

I fingered Milo as I watched my wife play. Milo came and drew me back to task. I climbed aboard Milo and slipped my cock into her. I ran my hand through her long hair and enjoyed her naked pussy.

As soon as I left  Milo Lego claimed me and Sosipatra took Milo in a 69 embrace.

I filled Lego and Sosipatra cleaned her.

"Now me, my husband."

I filled my wife as two women cleaned my gifts from each other.

The four of us spent the night together.

Two nights later Sosipatra went to the river for the Moon Festival with the other women. 

My Spartan hero is frictional, the Persian war and Spartan way of life was real. Unlike other Greek states women were treated with respect and marriages were open, even to the point that all children were considered family even if it was obvious the husband was not the father. Sparta is a state closest to a nation wide swinging society I have found. 

Written by Spartan

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