Written by Drkl

14 Mar 2019

The first time I saw Anya was this past July near Monterey. She and her friend were the last two to climb aboard the "booze cruise" - a wine tour Wife and I have taken a few times. It is a good time of riding around the countryside and taking private tours of wineries in the area and enjoying good wines with a dozen or so other people. Anya and her friend were definitely out of place on the tour. First, they were at least a decade younger than the rest of us. But more importantly, these trips are usually full of calm, "cultured" people and Anya and her friend looked like two hippy flower girls, and they were a bit loud and boisterous. Wife and I immediately liked them!

The tour began and Anya's friend drank herself silly in the first two wineries. She basically just sat on the bus for the rest of the day, feeling sick and dozing on and off. Wife began striking up a conversation with Anya and she started flitting in and out of our circle on the tour.

Wife and I have had an exciting sex life. Shortly after we were married, we had an unexpected threesome with another woman (that is part of a different story I wrote about) which lead us to do more. We have done that several times since then, and Wife has some exhibitionist tendencies. Because of that, we have some games we like to play with each other in public. One of them we call “Crazy Kiss”. Basically, we will dare each other to go up to someone and ask them for a kiss. Most of the times we get rejected, sometimes we get a kiss out of it, and one in a rare while it will turn into some serious make-out session. We also like to publicly strip and have sex. It could be just a flash, sometimes we can full on fuck in a fairly public place. Wife likes to do that for the excitement of being nearly caught. Anyhow, sexually, I am a lucky man.

As the tour wound its way through the hillside, we began playing our games. Once I had my hand down Wife’s skirt and was fingering her while we were leaning against the bar during a wine tasting. Another time she took her blouse off, knelt down and sucked my dick in the vineyard, with other couples just on the other side of the vines. The mix of sun and wine and our games was getting Wife very excited. “We should both try to Crazy Kiss Anya” she blurted as she was putting her top on. We decided that I would try first.

I like to think I am fairly good looking, even in my 40’s now. I am 5’10”, have dark curly hair and a darker complexion, and stay pretty fit. My best asset though is my cock, which is nearly 10” long and very thick. My sexual experience has made me pretty confident, so I waited until I saw Anya standing at the edge of the vineyard and walked right up to her. Anya is a petite little thing – about Wife’s height – at least ten years younger than Wife and I, with bright red hair and pale skin. Her beautiful long hands and feet were pretty and well manicured/pedicured (so I have a foot fetish - Go sue me!) The dress she was wearing was not very form fitting, but I could tell she had good sized breasts. She was wearing large sunglasses and a big, floppy hat so I acted like I was flicking something of the brim as an excuse to get right up to her.

“Anya, have you have done anything crazy?” I asked. “I dunno, like what?” “How about making out with a stranger?” I put my hand out and gently took the fingers of her left hand. She looked up at me and smirked “Aren’t you married?” “That is what makes it crazy for both of us, right? Lets’ do it. Besides, Wife won’t mind.” She wasn’t resisting so I put my left hand gently on her hip and leaned in. Anya looked around quickly, her red hair swishing back and forth, and then said, “Fuck it!” and leaned in with her gorgeous, full lips.

We stood there kissing for several minutes. I slid my hand off her hip, and along her back pulling her into me. My hand then slid down the rough material of her dress over the full curves of her ass, while my other hand slid up from her wrist to her breasts. I reached a hand under her short dress and felt her ass was bare. Her tongue licked my lips, like she was tasting the wine again, and I was quite erect by this time. As I pulled her closer, she groaned, mouth open, tongue in my mouth, and ground her hips slowly against my cock. I opened my eyes and saw hers half open, fluttering. She was clearly enjoying this, and so was I. Finally, she pushed away a little and laughed “That was fun.” I agreed and as she walked slowly away toward the wine tasting room, I studied every inch of her body, down to her pale legs and feet in pretty white sandals. She passed right by Wife and I saw them lock eyes for a second then touch hands like they were a tag-team, and Wife walked up to me and we picked up where Anya and I left off.

At the next stop I told Wife it was now her turn to try to Crazy Kiss Anya. This winery had a small basement area as part of the tour, full of wine barrels. It was dimly lit with rows of barrels. I stood against the wall and watched as Wife made a beeline for Anya in one of the aisles. Wife playfully swatted Anya and then leaned in and whispered something to her. They both laughed. Without anything further, Anya and Wife began passionately kissing and grabbing each other. An elderly couple on the tour walked by the end of the aisle and glanced over at them then hurried away blushing and muttering. Wife looked over Anya’s shoulder at me and waved me over, so I joined them.

“I was just telling Anya about our other games” Wife said, grinning at me. Anya turned and said, “I think I saw you at the other vineyard doing things…” Wife glanced around and pulled her top off again. Wife is a sexy woman – about 5’5”, with long, thick sandy blond hair and big, full breasts. She stays fit by working out at a cross fit gym. She knelt down again and pulled my cock out the front of my pants and rubbed it all over her breasts before slurping it deep into her mouth. I felt Anya move in close to watch, giggling quietly. Before she stood up, Wife wiped my cock on her breasts again, leaving a trail of cum on her nipple. She kissed Anya lightly then pulled her head down to her breasts were Anya’s tongue flicked out and licked Wife’s nipples. At that point we heard voices and Wife pulled her shirt over her head, while I adjusted my fly, and the three of us made it back to the bus.

We spent the rest of the day with Anya like that, filling her in on our lifestyle. After the tour, we dropped Anya’s companion at their hotel and the three of us went out to dinner. While we were sitting at the booth, the question came up about Wife’s feelings about seeing me with other women. Wife explained that we had an honest relationship and as long as we were open about it, and were both enjoying it, she was fine with me fucking other women. She admitted she liked to watch as well as join in, and have sex with women as well. “So, I could just fuck your husband and you wouldn’t mind?” Wife looked at me and I winked at her and nodded, and she said “I would exceptionally like to see you fuck him, and I would love to fuck you as well.” Anya said, “How about the game? Could we play right here?” Wife nodded and Anya immediately reached into my crotch and undid my fly, pulling my cock out under the table cloth and stroking it. She then lifted up her right knee and put her foot on the seat, exposing her shaved pussy and stroking it with her other hand. She kept it up even when our waiter came over, and I am pretty sure he saw what was going on by his reaction. After he left, Anya slid off the seat her head on my lap, and began sucking my dick. I looked over and saw Wife had her hand under Anya's dress, and Anya was making a whimpering noise with my cock head in her mouth.

We retreated to our hotel room, which was up in the same building as the restaurant and the three of us were naked so fast. Anya was surprised at the sight of my prick, since she had not seen it fully. “Shit! I knew it was big, but that is fucking huge!” Wife pushed her back on the bed and said, “You are going to love it!”

Wife sat at the head of the bed, looking down at Anya and me. I was licking Anya’s pretty pink pussy and her head was rolled back moaning as she pulled at her tiny nipples on her good sized, creamy-white breasts. Meanwhile, Wife had two fingers diving into her trimmed pussy, dripping wetter and wetter each time. I gently pushed my finger into Anya’s ass and she started groaning “Oh, God please just fuck me!”

I climbed up on Anya’s stomach and pressed the head of my cock against her and felt it squeeze tight as it entered her. She was so wet that it was like we had used lube, and I began slowly sawing in and out of her, grinding deeper each time. Wife kissed Anya several times and Anya began sucking Wife’s nipples as Wife leaned over to suck on Anya’s. Wife then straddled Anya’s pretty little face and Anya reached up and grabbed her hips pulling her down so she could work on her hole with her tongue. She must have done a good job because Wife leaned her head back in extasy. I noticed Wife sit up rigid for a second and then I realized Anya was finger fucking her ass while she was sucking her pussy. Wife likes ass play and began cumming right away. She rolled off Anya and onto a chair by the bed while I finished fucking Anya. Anya’s pale legs were straight up in the air and her hands on my ass pulling me into her as I slammed all of me deep into her. Each time I felt her tremble and we began kissing, and Anya had a violent orgasm, her whole body was shaking, as I pulled out and began spurting thick jets of cum all over her stomach.

We all slept well that night, and the next day Anya called her friend and said she would reconnect with her in a few days. Anya spent the next three days with us, and although it wasn’t all sex, the three of us played our games with strangers, and spent plenty of time fucking. Once, Wife left a not for us to enjoy ourselves while she went to the spa, and Anya and I made love for nearly an hour, just the two of us.

Anyhow, it has been six months since then, and Wife and Anya are in constant contact with each other on the internet. School is out, and Wife is picking Anya up at the airport to come stay the holiday with us. I can’t wait!

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