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2 months ago
Straight Male, 54
Bisexual Female, 53
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Enjoying my used wife

“Can you smell them inside me”

Only those who participate will understand the absolute erotic beauty of enjoying your women after others have fucked her and emptied their bollocks inside her. Muggles will not get how you can be sexually aroused observing your used wife after a good sex...

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Lily left satisfied, sodden and seeping

“Cheers for letting us use your wife mate”

Kevin, Tim and Ryan had spent a couple of hours fucking and sucking my wife Lily. They had all spunked in her and Lily had let them all have a go or two fucking her face and Ryan had spent some time fucking her tits before getting inside her to spunk her...

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Lily team tagged by three

He was fucking his two mates spunk out of my wife

Lily has had two guys blow their loads up her and over her belly, tits and face (in Ryan’s case) and the unsatisfied slut is still gagging for more. Kevin is hard after he had squatted over her face in order to feed his bollocks into her mouth. This is pr...

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“Are you sure it’s ok to cum in her”?

Lilies ovaries were being well and truly spunked

We have had similar fuck festivals many times and the anticipation is always very erotic and exciting. Lily is eager to get fucked but will hide her excitement by filing her nails or adjusting her attire in the mirror. I’m also excited and like Lily will...

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Ex boyfriend and his mates get inside my wife

Lily pulled him closer and kissed him as he spunked inside her

We arranged to meet the guys Sunday afternoon 3pm ish at our house. Kev and his friends Ryan and Tim were travelling from Coventry together, no doubt Ryan and Tim had spun a line to wfs or gfs in order to come fuck Lily. Luckily we have never had this dil...

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We have shared many adventures and I have shared my wife Lily with many many men. The build up to her getting a good hard fucking is all part of the eroticism for us. Followed by me fucking her spunky hole after other guys have dumped their cum inside her...

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Lily’s National Express hand job

“You can cum on my thighs and panties”

My beautiful wife Lily is a total slut and we have lived the life that many only dream about. Over the years I have chatted with men who have just fucked my wife Lily and have emptied their bollocks deep inside her pussy or mouth, or as on many occasions...

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Lily likes it big and hard (finale)

“Now I can feel your wife’s uterus”

Simon was only in Lily and my life for a relatively short time (just short of four hours). For the majority of this time he had some part of him inside my wife. If he wasn’t finger fucking her ass or pussy, or being sucked off, he was licking or sucking m...

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Lily loves it big and hard (part 5)

Now I can feel your wife’s uterus

Everything thing, every action, every indulgence Simon took was deliberately slow and titillating. He had Lily standing in front of him as he sat on the edge of our sofa and finger fucked her for at least 10 minutes. He deliberately made sure I knew how m...

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Lily loves it big and hard (part 4)

“Now I can feel your wife’s uterus”

I pulled up on our drive and Simon parked adjacent. I was relieved to see Lily sitting next to him and was no longer giving him head. We like to keep our sex life discreet from neighbours (but not you guys) as not many understand the erotic nature of shar...

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Lily loves it big and hard (part 3)

“Now I can feel your wife’s uterus”

Lily arranged for us to meet up with Simon last Saturday evening). Lily was her usual naughty self and the whole of Saturday was one great erotic build up. Lily showed me the pic of his cock he had sent her, “do you think I can take all of it hun” she ask...

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Lily loves it big and hard (part 2)

“Yes now I feel your wife’s uterus”

The build up to meeting Simon was as always really exciting and ridiculously erotic. Lily’s head was full of nothing else during the two days lead up. Flirting by text, swapping pics and teasing me, Lily is in heaven, being an unfaithful slut is what she...

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Lily loves it big and hard (part one)

“Yes I’m now feel you wife’s uterus”

My wife Lily loves to be a slut, I love her being a slut and I love her madly. It’s not in the book of love, and certainly not in the conventional marriage vows. “I promise to let as many men as possible spunk inside my wife” or “I will clean up my wife’s...

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Lilies Bristol two loads for the road

She still had their spunk in her mouth when she kissed me

Lily spent almost four hours with the two guys from Bristol (see earlier post) and came back to our room with spunk in her pussy, over her tits and face. She had dry spunk on her belly and all the state of her showed she had enjoyed being a complete slut...

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