Written by Kelly and the black guy

31 Dec 2018

My wife and I are both 32, her name is Kelly and she is an amazing woman. She is funny and attractive, in fact she is my ideal woman. I have always had a thing about women with ginger hair and Kelly has long ginger hair. She has freckles over her body withies amazing. I would describe her as having an hour glass figure, nice hips and a full chest and she is pretty as hell. When we go out she loves to wear dresses that are low cut to show off her cleavage and hug her figure. I am so proud to be her husband any way but especially when she dresses up for the kill, there are some downsides though, I can’t leave her for a minutes before some guy hits on her but its what I have to put up with to be married to Kelly.

So this is where my story starts. We go to Florida at least once a year and stay on the same villa each time. The owners are both African American & doctors so very well off and live in the property next door, he is a handsome guy, powerfully built and his wife is very attractive and has a great figure. Nothing had ever happened and there was never any hint at swapping but there is always a lot of flirting between Kelly and Paul and Sasha and me, so I guess what happened was inevitable.

The pool in the property we rent is right next to their pool although theirs is 3 times as big as is the house and because we have rented from them quite a few times we have become friends, so we tend to spend a lot of time at their place. This year there was a little bit of tension the in air which I couldn’t put my finger on. Kelly who is outgoing and funny was quiet but at the same time flirted more than usual, she is proud of her body and rightly so and would wear a bikini bottom & one of my shirts which would be open so only just covering her breasts and I noticed that she would wear this a lot, especially if Paul and Sasha where around. I noticed this and asked her why she doesn’t just open it up, so they could see her tits, she laughed and pulled the shirt open. There was a cheer from next door.

This was a turn on, so I suggested she gets my top wet and give them a show, and sure enough she jumps into our pool before climbing out to give us a ‘wet shirt’ show. She looked hot, the wet shirt was hugging her of course and enhancing her full firm tits and very large nipples which resulted in another cheer from next door. Sasha called out telling us that we were having more fun over there so they where coming over.

After a few beers and a bottle of wine or two for the girls we all ended up in the pool with Kelly still wearing my shirt which she had now buttoned to stop it opening up and therefore exposing her tits which was ridiculous because it was wet and clinging to her body so hiding nothing at all.

Sasha and I sat at the shallow end of the pool whilst her husband and my wife were in a little deeper. Sasha told me that he loved Kelly’s hair and how pale her skin was and whispered, ‘if her could, he would fuck her’. I wasn’t shocked because I knew that most men wanted to fuck my wife. Sasha looked at me and said ‘I don’t mind, its only sex and some fun’. I asked her if she was seriously ok with her husband fucking other women and she admitted that they ‘had fun, don’t you?’ and looked at me and giggled, which I took to mean, they fucked other people. I said that we didn’t and that I didn’t know how I would feel about it.

She looked at me and asked, ‘so you don’t want to fuck me?’ I said that of course I do and that she’s very attractive but I didn’t; know how I would feel about Kelly having sex with another man. Sasha pointed to Kelly and her husband and told me that I had better make that decision quick.

Paul had his arm round my wife’s waist and was hugging her close to him, her breast pressing against his chest. Kelly was staring into his eyes and had undone the buttons on my shirt. She looked over at me which was when Sasha put her hand on my leg and said ‘its only a little fun’. Kelly was still looking at me when Paul pulled the shirt open and cupped her left breasts. Kelly took a deep breath in and bit her lip as he massaged her breast. Sasha took her top off and showed her small firm breasts with her dark red almost black nipples, she slid her hand into my shorts and wrapped them round my cock, ‘its just a little fun’ she said slowly tossing me off. I looed over at Kelly expecting her to be mad at me for letting Sasha wank me off but she was busy.

Paul had pulled her into a slightly more shallow part, his shorts where off and he was naked, my wife had removed the shirt and with one hand on the edge of the pool Paul had bent over and was sucking one of my wife’s nipples whilst she was cupping and gently squeezing his balls before taking his long and very thick cock in her hand.

That’s how it remained for some time, Sasha rubbing my cock before pulling my head over and pressing it against her small breast which I felt obliged to suck which caused Sasha to moan. I could hear my wife moaning and squealing quietly but was too busy sucking Sasha. After a little while Sasha pushed my head away, leant down and put my cock in her mouth. I wondered if she was disappointed, my cock was smaller and a lot thinner than Pauls but she sucked me off and ran her tongue over the slid in my bell end before sliding her mouth down until she choked.

I looked over at my wife and Paul, she had her head back on the side of the pool whilst Paul finger fucked her and continued to suck her nipples, first one then the other.

Then he stopped and took his hand out of her pussy, Kelly asked him why he had stopped his reply was very direct, ‘because I’m going to fuck your pussy’. With that he put his hand under her bum, lifted her up and lowered her onto his giant cock. Kelly let out a scream and started shaking, ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ and then one last ‘oh fuck’ as Paul got into his rhythm. His powerful black body and ass thrusting his big cock into my wife. Sasha got up, pulled her bottoms off, straddled me and said ‘ lets fuck’ as she lowered herself onto my stiff shaft. I lay there as she gyrated on my cock, I gripped her small tits as she whimpered and loaned and occasionally lowered herself so I could get her tits into my mouth. In the mean time my wife was being fucked hard, her tits bouncing and swaying as a big black cock was driven into her over and over. Sasha was calling out ‘this is so fucking good’ my wife was calling out begging Paul to keep going and repeating ‘your so fucking big, fuck there’s no more room’ and ‘fuck I’ve never had someone so big inside me, please don’t stop’, then ‘fuck me, fuck me’ and of course he obliged.

I had had enough of watching my wife being shagged hard by Paul and listening to Kelly’s running commentary on how big he was and how amazing this was and how she was going to cum. I rolled Sasha onto her back and fucked her, her stunning wet black body shining and now it was her turn to beg for more and to moan about Cumming.

Then as though in unison Sasha told me to get off and pushed me off her. I thought that was that but her husband had pulled Kelly out of the pool and had her on a sun ben n her knees. Sasha pulled me to the ne next to them and dragged it so they where touching. My wife was on her knees and Paul was back inside her fucking her hard again, her big tits swaying as she squealed, Sasha got on her knees and I slid back into her and for the next 10 minutes or so Paul and I fucked in sync, he in my wife and me in his. I loved the feeling of reaching under Sasha and gripping her small tits and hard nipples as she squealed, I would occasionally lean across and grip one of my wife’s tits but I nearly lost balance so didn’t try that again.

Kelly’s head dropped to the bed and she let out a long gasp and groan, Paul was fucking her slowly now but had put his finger deep into her ass and she was having a major orgasm. That was too much for me and for some reason I warned Sasha that I was going to cum and pulled out in time to cum over her bum and back. Paul just ejaculated into my wife, and from the long grunts from both of them he impregnated my wife several times.

Sasha stood up and I lay on my back out of breath, she started to toss me off again to get me hard and when she had succeeded, she told me that it was k for me to cum inside her as she rode me again.

My now Paul had my wife back in the pool and was fucking her yet again, eventually I shot cum into Sasha and you guessed it, Paul filled Kelly again.

Eventually I went inside to get dressed as Paul and my wife sat and laughed in the pool. I made coffee for Sasha and myself and she hugged me and said that she was glad that we had done that and hoped that it meant we could be closer friends. We sucked tongues for a while before going back out to the pool, Paul was fucking my wife for at least the third time and they were also sucking each other’s faces.

Sasha called to her husband to ‘leave her alone’ and told him it was time to go home. My wife let out a moan like a spoilt child being deprived of a toy. He climbed out, his black dick still hard and got dressed. The two of them saying their goodbyes as though they had just popped round for coffee as they left. Kelly and I looked at each other, my wife thanked me to allowing it and told me how much she loved me and asked if I had enjoying fucking Sasha, I admitted that I had but that I was jealous and felt that she had enjoyed having Paul inside her a little too much. My wife admitted losing control of her mouth but told me how much she loved me. We made love on a sun bed occasionally looking over at our neighbours who where doing the same. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to perform, twice is usually my limit and I had cum twice already. I said something to Kelly about wondering how he can do it again, he had cum three or four times in you already and was still going. My wife bit her lip and giggled ‘he came in me 5 times’. I was determined to perform and after a little while I came inside my wife, a little while later there was a shriek from the pool next door and I guess Paul and cum for the six time.

Kelly was exhausted, and we went straight to bed. We talked about what we had just done and agreed that we had both enjoyed it but that it wouldn’t be a regular thing. Paul and Sasha had other ideas.

The very next morning we had breakfast and my wife decided she was tired so would go back to bed, as she walked away she dropped her dressing gown and I couldn’t get over how fucking hot she was naked, she looked back at me and smiled, I just hoped my balls had recovered enough to re fill. Then there was a rattling of the pool lanyard. I looked out and it was Paul and Sasha, now I was pissed off but I opened the door anyway. Immediately Paul shook my hand and started with ‘man last night was amazing, Sasha enjoyed herself and so did I, are we cool?’. I replied ‘yes, were cool’. He said that he knew that they got carried away and if I didn’t want to do it again he understood. I started to say that I thought it was nice as a one off but Sasha sat next to me and opened her blouse and started to play with herself, ‘really?’ she said ‘you don’t want these again’?

She took my hand and placed them on her tits. Her husband laughed and asked where Kelly was, I said that she was in bed having a rest. In a typical American loud way he shouted ‘Amazing’ and stormed off.

Moments later there was the sound of the mattress creaking and two people grunting and moaning. I stared off pissed off that he had assumed it was o to fuck my wife and I walked into our bedroom. Sure enough my wife’s legs where wrapped around his back and he was in her fucking her pussy missionary style and yet again my wife was moaning and begging him not to stop.

Sasha stepped out of her dress and lay next to my wife, ‘come on’ she said ‘ lets fuck’.

I admit it was hot and fun, Paul fucking my wife whilst I fucked his right next to each other, the two women holding hands as we fucked them hard, occasionally they would share some tongue or lean over and grip tits. I was determined to last as long as Paul and I did, we poured cum into our respective wives at the same time, both women climaxing in sync. We then exchanged wives and fucked our own.

For the next 6 days of our holiday Paul had my wife every day, sometimes twice whilst I had his most days. I will admit it was fun but am still jealous after she told me that she had the hardest orgasm of her life. Now I have to improve. She has already suggested we find couples in this country to swap with but I’m not sure. We are going back to the states in June and I guess there will be more fucking.

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