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My car broke down

"It's all in the movie"

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The next movie started with me in a yellow sports car which conveniently broke down outside a garage with nothing insight.

Naturally I had no money. The first man calls out his two friends, who looked at me.

"We can fix your car, it will not take long."

"I can come back with money."

"There is no need for that, you're an attractive woman."

"What do you mean?"

"We can fix your car, top up your tank and you can be on your way in a few hours."

"Come inside." A second one said.

"How much will it cost?"

"Just a few hours of your time." The third said.

"Oh." I walked into the workshop.

"Get them off."

I did as I asked and I was soon bent over a pile of tires. The first cock slid into me. He was still dressed. The second cock was naked when he funked me.

The third cock was not content with the pile of tires. He took me to the car lift. There was a cradle between the mounts. I was put there and the car lift moved up and down.  He got me at the right level and started fucking me. Then the others took turns before I was turned over. One man funked me as the second fucked the third. The four of us were in the same shot, then close ups. Cock moving in and out of me and cock in ass.

Then I had one foot on the car lift and the other on the floor getting funked.

Then I was back in the sling being spitroast.

The movie ended with me driving off in my car waving goodbye. The three men waved, one holding my knickers. 

The last shot was my knickers being pinned to a wall with a countless number of knickers already there.

Written by Karen

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