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On the table again

"and getting fucked"

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The fourth movie was on the Thursday in the same house and reminded me of how I first met Lucy and Luca.

The movie opened with me arriving and sitting at the poker table. The camera faded in and out as I took off one garment after another. Then I was naked and the camera followed the cards dealt, of course I lost.

"I have nothing left."

"So I see." A man in his socks and underwear said walking towards me.

I got up, he turned me towards the table and bent me over. The camera showed my pussy and soon he started fucking me, then the other four. (I got bruises off that table.) 

Then I was face up with a cock in each hand and another in my pussy, then on the sofa. I was spit roasted, eaten and ate cock. 

I was finally taken back to the table to be fucked a couple of time more then the mass splash, I was covered in cum from five men and the men left with my clothes.  A cut back to me with the camera overhead and a spin up and fade out.

Being fucked in the first film was a bit of a thrill, but by the fourth film it was getting boring in more ways that one. Still my bills were getting paid off.

Written by Karen

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