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"Sleeping over"

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"Are you enjoying making movies?" Lucy asked, as she removed a pot from the oven. 

"It's a lot of fucking."

"Yes, hours, but?"

"...but its not the same as…."

"...making love?" Lucy completed. 

"I was going to say fucking for pleasure."

"What is your pleasure?"

"Who I please."

"Who do you wish to please?"


"Really? Did you enjoy him fucking you over that table?"

"More than those in the movie?"

"Well, that is good, Luca has invited him."

"That will be nice."

"Yes it will." Lucy sounded dreamy.

"Have you, are you going to?"

"Would you say I am in control of the bedroom?"

"Yes, why?"

"Tonight Luca will be my master, like he is in public. I will do as I am told."

"Will you be told to fuck Tony?"

"I think I will. Do you mind?"

"I don't believe it, but I think it will be fun."

"It will be. Luca will be my master, but you must decide." Lucy put the pot back in the oven and looked at me.

"Decide what?"

"Luca can be your master or not."


"Do what he says with who?"

"Don't you have a choice?"

"I have every choice, but I will do exactly as he says."

"What about me?"

"If Luca says eat your pussy I will, unless you say no."

"If he say fuck Tony, will you?"

"I will, he is a good fuck."

"Better than most."

"He is. Fuck him as much as you like. Luca will not stop you." Lucy kissed me.

It was still strange, but very interesting to kiss a woman.

"Tony we don't have a sweet, but you can fuck Lucy." Luca told Tony while waving the back of his hand at Lucy.

Lucy got up from the table.

"Fuck her Tony, have a good time." Luca encouraged. 

Lucy led Tony away.

"You want to fuck him?" Luca asked, placing his hand on my waist. 

"Yes, I do."

"Do you want to fuck us both?"

There was nothing new about being fucked in front of others, but fucked by two men that I liked  was different. 

Luca kissed me. I melted.

By the time we reached the bedroom we were both naked.

Tony was arching his back and fucking Lucy.

Luca stood behind me, his hard cock against my back and hand cupping my tits. 

"I'm not going to fuck you yet." He told me softly. 

"So I can see them?"

"So Tony can fuck you fresh. Last time you were full." He had never missed a chance to get at me unless it was to get at Lucy."

"You're very thoughtful." 

"Don't worry, I'll get to you."

"I hope so." I wriggled myself against his cock.

Lucy came and Tony came just after her. He rolled off, his cock was still hard and wet from lucy.

I pushed Luca’s hands away and climbed on Tony. His slimy cock slipped into me like it was meant to be there.

Lucy looked at us as I moved my hips. It was divine, a cock that was going to deliver in me, and it was not for a movie.

“Get on your knees tart.” Luca told Lucy.

Lucy did as she was told but had a view of us.

“Slut you been fucking.” Luca stated the obvious. 

“Yes Sir”

“Do you want her again Tony are Ive fucked her.” 

“I’ll fuck them all night.” Tony replied, and I did not mind. I wanted his cock.

Luca was bashing away at Lucy who was thanking him.

Tony burst into me, a few more sweeps of my hips and I came.

Tony lifted me, so strong. Before I knew it I was looking up at him on the edge of the bed. I felt his cock.


It was a simple question and I gave a simple answer. “Yes”

He pushed forward and I felt him stretch my bum. He was slow. He made a pleasant “uuhh” sound and he took my bum. Slowly and deeply. Luca was good there but Tony was better.

Tony came but he was too limp to keep going.

“Eat her tart.” Luca instructed Lucy.

Lucy knew what I wanted and she licked. Soon Tony was behind Lucy and I came. My heat had turned to perspiration. 

Luca took my pussy. “I like a cunt full of spunk.”

“I’ll help you keep them full.” Tony Informed Luca.

I was so excited that two men that I liked were fucking us I came twice before Luca.

After a short rest Lucy ate me and I ate her.

“Are you staying with Karen tonight?” Luca asked.

“I hope so.” I answered.

“Looks like I am.” Tony confirmed.

“Have a goodnight.” Luca dismissed us.

Tony took me on my bed. I felt the full length of his body, but not his weight as he moved in me.

“You were the only one I enjoyed on that table.” I confessed.

“You turned me on.”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Fucking you?”

“Me being fucked by others?”

“I enjoy fucking you.” he avoided.

“And Lucy?” I came.

“She is OK.”

“Tell me the truth, you enjoy her.”

“Your both good fucks”


“Really good.”

I did not mind him admitting that. “Will you come again?”

“I just have.” he grunted and deflated.

We fell asleep in eachothers arms.

I was woken in the morning by a hot body kissing me. It was Lucy. We kissed and felt each other. Then there was movement on the bed. Luca was fucking Tony. Slowly I kissed less and watched more.

Tony spurted and Luca must have delivered his load in Tony, because he stopped.

“You didn't mind me using Tony, did you Karen?”

“Not at all.” I said, surprising myself.

“That’s good.” Luca said, then added, "make breakfast Lucy.”

“Yes Sir”

I sucked at Tony’s cock and soon felt Luca breaching my bum.

Tony left after breakfast, but I knew I wanted him back.

Written by Karen

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