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Lady's night

"Pussy cum pussy cum"

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It was after the second set of films that Tammy and Musky visited. Lucy had invited them, at first I was not sure why.

"I know you enjoy me, but the next films star Tammy and Musky. The question is do you want to be a co-star?" Lucy asked.

"With Tammy and Musky and men?"

"Just Tammy and Musky."

"We are here to get to know you." Musky explained.

"Is Musky your real name?" I asked.

"No, it's Jill. Musky is for the screen."

"Are you musky?" 

"You should find out." Tammy suggested removing her top.

I looked at Tammy's boob job and took my top off.

"Good girl." Lucy encouraged, pulling her top off and heading for the big bedroom.

I unhooked my skirt and let it drop.

"Nice pussy." Tammy committed, touching it.

"She keeps it clean." Lucy told them from personal experience. 

"Open that pussy." Musky instructed. 

I parted my legs.

Tammy went down on me, grinding her tongue into my clit.

"That is why I am called Musky, so men can think of my pussy."

"That feels good?" Lucy asked.

"You know, it does." I answered between surges of pleasure. 

"..but it's not good on camera." Musky informed me.

"It's not?" I managed as I came.

Musky replaced Tammy at my pussy, she pushed my attention away. "Lots of time for that."

"You enjoyed me working your pussy." It was not a question,  Tammy continued. "That is not good for the camera. You need to give the camera room to see what is happening."

Musky brushed my clit with her tongue. I shivered. 

"Nice, but not good." Tammy commented.

"You were better."

Musky pushed her tongue and mouth into my pussy. 

"Huh." I came.

"Who's the best?" Musky asked.

"Let's find out?" I asked.

Lucy descended on my pussy. Musky sat on my face and she was.

Tammy must have been kissing Musky. I could see their hands fighting with tits. 

Once Lucy had done what she did to me she took Musky away. 

Tammy and I pulled open pussy towards us and ground tongues into clits. As she bought me to cum I got more excited and worked her cunt. The more I did, the more she did.

By the time we freed each other Tammy and Lucy were looking at us.

"Good show." Lucy congratulated us.

"I need a rest." I told a disappointed Musky.

"It looks like you do."


"But not too much later."

"Not too late." I agreed. 

It was not much later.

Written by Karen

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