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"She slowly lowered herself onto his cock, I should mention we have a draw with condoms that we bought incase any fuck buddies came home with to be safe. We spoke about using them with Martin, but Mandy obviously wanted to feel his raw cock in her oh natural"

My wife always fancied my mate Martin, we've known each other for about 6 years. We would often talk about him joining us while we were having sex. When we meet him as a third person Mandy would have mind blowing orgasms.

We decided that I should mention it to him as he used to swing with his late wife and was always up for most things, We often went out for drinks and he comes around to watch sports on the telly at the weekends, I told him and suggested that Mandy would like to experience a threesome and as we knew him so well and he's swing in the past would he be up for it as he would be the 1st one we ever wanted to mingle with.

He was taken back at first and said he would do but was concerned about our friendship being affected if we went through with it. Mandy and I discussed this in great depth and came to the conclusion that it would be too good an experience to miss. 

I told Martin that we would like to have some fun with him and to let us know when he was available. Roughly two weeks passed without hearing anything. I know he was very busy with work, I didn't want to push it as it was a strange request from an old friend.

The Saturday night we had friends round when a text came through saying "are you in and do you want to have some fun". I showed Mandy the text and she was shocked but excited for it.

We made some excuses about Mandy having a migraine and needing to go to bed. Our friends left at about ten. Mandy was nervous and knocked back a few glasses of wine. She went and showered and I joined her.

As I pulled the shower curtain she had just finished shaving her lady garden, she looked so smooth! Mandy's nipples were hard with the feel of the water. Mandy has perfect nipples when they are hard they go like bullets, small and dark complimenting on her tiny boobs.

I jumped in and freshened up but she was gone, drying herself, adding a little makeup and straightening her hair.

Back downstairs Mandy was on her third glass of wine when the door knocked, it was Martin. Mandy wearing only a red satin nighty opened the door as Martin walked in and she kissed him passionately, this turned me on no end.

They entered the lounge Mandy kissing him with longing knowing what was to come. I suggested we go upstairs and head to our bedroom. It was dark but with the night light on you could make out figures .

Within seconds their hands were roaming, I could see Martin feeling her breasts and her nipples poking through the nightdress. Her hands rubbing his growing cock. Mandy undid his jeans buttons and pulled his trousers down, before they had hit the floor she had taken his cock in her mouth.

My cock was starting to ache but I kept on watching, seeing my wife sucking another man's cock was an amazing turn on. Martin was now naked, he turned Mandy around and bent her over, her smooth bald pussy was there glistening in her juices.

From where I was standing I could see Martin's head moving up and down in Mandy's crotch while Mandy was moaning at his tongue action. I opened up my dressing gown and moved forward.

Mandy looked up, smiled, said thank you and took my cock in her mouth. She was sucking my cock while I watched martin lick and finger fuck Mandy's pussy.

Martin sat up  on the and moved up the bed, his back against the headboard, Mandy turned and worked her way up his leg, kissing every so often. His cock was twitching, it was an average size. I would say he's about 6” Mandy wasn't bothered and seemed keen to slide down on it and ride him.

She sucked his cock with passion. I was getting a good show. She moved up again caressing his chest, all the time I was watching from the end of the bed. I could hear them kissing while she was rubbing his helmet around her pussy lips.

She slowly lowered herself onto his cock, I should mention we have a draw with condoms that we bought in case any fuck buddies came home with to be safe. We spoke about using them with Martin, but Mandy obviously wanted to feel his raw cock in her oh natural I wasn't to complain. I just stood there and watched As his helmet disappeared into her sopping wet pussy, she started sliding up and down his shaft. His cock was now glistering with her juices. I could see her juices running down his ball sack she was so fucking turned on. She sat upright on his cock and started to grind hard on it, little moans from both of them were getting louder.

Martin removed her satin nightdress to reveal her tits that he took great pleasure in feeling, I could see him twisting her hard nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

Martin flipped Mandy over onto her back, he was now on his knees pushing hers back into her chest. I could clearly see the entire length of his cock thrusting into my wife who was moaning in pure pleasure.

It was at this point Mandy called me over, as I did she took my cock again in her mouth. Sucking me off and wanking me at the same time I had so much swelling I thought I was going to blow my load there and then.

Martin suggested that I have a go as it was my wife after all. I lay on my back as Mandy straddled onto my cock, I slipped straight into her. I don't recall her ever being this wet in a long time.

Martin didn't waste any time in getting his glistening cock sucked clean! Mandy then started to kiss me and while her ear was close I suggested to her that Martin get behind.

I wasn't sure how she would react? She simply turned to Martin and said why don't you join us, Martin said where should I go? Mandy replied wherever you want, as Martin came up behind he said I could take that comment a few ways.

Mandy said you take it however you want in a provocative way. I felt Martin's knees on mine, I then felt Mandy's pussy getting tighter while at the same time her groaning in my ear. Martin hard entered her from behind he was in her ass!

Mandy was an open minded lover and we regularly had anal, but this was my mate who was now thrusting his cock into my wife's arse. This didn't annoy me, it turned me on even more. I could feel his cock rubbing next to mine (not in a gay way) and it felt strange but good.

It was getting to much for me feeling my wife's arse getting fucked and her moaning, I knew I was going to blow my load if things didn't stop. I suggested a swap and after a few more thrusts Martin agreed Mandy even suggested a fag break for us and a drink as this was thirsty work! So headed down to the kitchen.

We had a quick break. I looked at the clock and it was about 11:15. We had been playing for close to 30 mins but it seemed like an hour. I looked around and were all sitting naked with us with a cig and Martin grabbed a cold drink from the fridge. Mandy then put her cig out and said see you upstairs. We both followed, upon entering the room she pulled Martin forward and started sucking his cock 1st, she then pulled me forward. What a view looking down seeing my wife taking turns sucking two cocks, we were both hard in no time that's when Mandy said I want to fuck your again Martin.

I heard this as I watched Mandy slide back up the bed with Martin moving up it. His cock found her moist fanny and slid in yet again, this time I stayed at the bottom of the bed watching. He had her legs pinned right back while pounding her pussy, his balls slapping her arse, moans and sounds of lips smacking as they kissed passionately again.

I moved around the bed to watch everything when Mandy looked at me, Martin's head buried next to hers and she smiled at me. I simply stood there watching her getting fucked. Martin then got on his knees again pulled his cock out and propped Mandy up on a pillow and aimed back again for her ass,

Mandy's hand moved round and guided him into her arse and gave him a little wink. He started slowly but before long he was treating her arse like it was her pussy fucking it like a crazy man.

Mandy moaned with pleasure moaning that she was going to come again, she let out a loud moan and juddered all over. It was at this point she looked at Martin and said cum in my pussy, cum in me please. She begged.

His motion speeded up. I could see his cock going faster in and out of her arse. I thought he was going to cum deep in my wife's arse but to my surprise he pulled out and then buried his too deep in her pussy. After a few deep thrusts he held it deep, I watched as his cock pulsed and his balls lifted as he shot his load deep inside her pussy. He had literally pulled out of her arse and put his cock straight in her pussy to shoot his load. I had never seen anything so fucking horny in my life i just watched as the next few minuets they kissed as I watched his cock twitch and grow limp then fall out of her well used pussy.

Martin rolled off looking more than satisfied, Mandy looked at me and said "I can't leave you like this" and with that pulled me over to her and guided my cock in her pussy. The feeling was unreal l as I knew his load was still deep inside her, I started to fuck her and could feel his warm cum inside her sloshing about. I was now fucking his cum deeper into my wife.

Mandy was pulling me back and forth saying come in me I want two men's cum in me tonight! I need to be filled. Well what can I say to her saying that in my ear blew my mind and I shot my load on top of the 1st load she was still holding onto. I pulled out and watched a river of cum flow out of her while Martin watched on.

We had another drink and a cig and Martin left just after midnight, Mandy and I went to bed and had an evening describing how it felt having another man in both her holes. And two loads in her pussy. Safe to say we've done it a few times since with Martin. He's our go to guy at the moment.

Written by Leicestershireguy

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