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Author's Notes

"We've had 3 such meetings so far and I've enjoyed it very much would love to find others for similar fun."

So I posted an ad online. I finally got a real reply from a couple just a few miles away in Derbyshire UK and the wife sent me a couple pics.

I sent her a couple in return and she also sent her email to talk so I talked dirty for several weeks. She wanted to meet so we set a time and place to discuss when and where we could have sex.

I Met her and her husband at an old pub out in the countryside. I pulled up beside them, she was in the back seat wearing barely anything, her husband said get in the back seat she wants to talk and discuss when and where for sex.

I got in and she immediately grabbed my cock through my jeans, I grabbed her crotch through her panties and she was already wet, then she pulled out her massive breasts.

I immediately starting sucking them thought we where going to fuck right then but she stopped me.

Told me she wanted to be fucked at her house and asked if I could follow them there so I followed. We got to her place and I walked in the door and there was a mattress on the living room floor. She told me to take a seat on the couch so I did.

Then she unfastened my belt and slid down my jeans and I was already good and hard. She started sucking my cock and then she slid off her panties and slid her hot mound over my hard cock and started riding me like there was no tomorrow.

She came, then got off, took the rest of her clothes off and laid down on the mattress and I turned her over and spread her cheeks and began licking her wet juicy Cunt she tasted sweet and wet.

Then I pushed my hard cock in her and started fucking her with all I had and she started squirting and she had an awesome second orgasm.

My cock still inside her now definitely wet pussy it was dripping. She put her legs behind my head and she moaned deeply and we fucked while she played with her nipples and flicking her clit. She let out oh God I’m cumming again.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I came so hard in her I could feel my cock twitching inside as her pussy gripped onto my cock and we were both covered in sweat drenched in her cum and mine. As I pulled my softening cock out of her pussy I watched as a river of cum oozed out of her pussy.

We lay there for several minutes and she sucked my cock again draining what was left in me as I was playing  with her clit and then she got up and put her clothes back on and told me her name and asked when can we fuck again.

I said to her I thought it was a one time thing but her husband said no they would like me to come back next week for more fun, the following Friday we were at it again just a week later. On that occasion  her husband joins in for sloppy seconds after I had filled her he cleaned her up and I watched as he fucked my cum deeper into his wife.

We've had 3 such meetings so far and I've enjoyed it very much would love to find others for similar fun.

Written by Leicestershireguy

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