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My first glimpse of what could be.

"Everyone had a bit too much to drink."

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Author's Notes

"First story."

So the story begins a few years ago when reading online erotic stories, I stumble across cuckold stories. I really enjoyed reading them and since then have regularly fantasised about being involved in the cuckolding world with my wife in many different scenarios. 

To the actual event now. I have changed the names of all characters to ensure privacy, but the story is true and I still think about it to this day about what could have been. 

My wife is 36, she's a mother of two. She looks after herself quite well, regularly gets her hair and nails done etc. Her body is curvy. Great arse. Large breasts. She goes through times of being body conscious but she has a fantastic sexy figure. 

Tonight she was wearing a nice black long play suit  the material was soft to touch and you could feel all though it. She looked amazing. 

My birthday was in may and lock down was coming to an end. I had just built a bar down the side of my house in the garden. It's a great little place. Somewhere to go and relax away from the world. So we decided to throw a party for some friends in there and have a good time. 

About 15/16 people attended and although it was quite large it was a little squashed for space inside. 

After sometime drinking and having a good time talking and dancing, a number of friends decided to call it a day. At this point it left 7 people and the bar was much more comfortable. Drinks continued to flow and the music was being cranked up on the night went on. Ranging from rock to rap to dance. The music continued. Everyone was now dancing and having a laugh. I noticed my wife dancing with my friend Paul. I thought nothing of it at first. But the music took a turn and slow R&B began to play. At this point Paul and my wife began to grind on each other in quite a sexual way. I glanced in her direction she didn't look up. She just seemed to be having fun and letting her hair down. 

I took a step back and poured myself a drink. All of sudden Paul decided to be funny and bent my wife over and pretend to dry hump her from behind. Everyone laughed and cheered. My wife looked up to me with a coy smile. I just smiled back and nodded my head. 

A few minutes later my wife walked to over to me. She was clearly wasted. She asked me if I had a problem. I said no. It's all good, I actually liked you having fun like that. She turned to me with a wicked look and said she enjoyed it. At this point I wondered what she meant by enjoyed it. So I dared her to carry and tease him. My wife turned and looked at me. I then told her to try and make him hard. Her response to this shocked me. 'He already was'. 

The drinks continued to flow and the dancing continued. Everyone was having a really good time. 

I the. Decided to take a seat on bench and was joined by Paul. We were just saying how good the night was etc. I didn't really acknowledge what had just happened to him although he had seen me looking over for sure. 

My wife then came dancing over to us and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. She then turned around and started to dance in front of me and Paul. Giving her arse a wiggle and bending over slightly towards me. At this point I grabbed her arse and had a good old squeeze she turned and smiled. Then out of nowhere I don't know what came over me. I grabbed Paul's hands and stuck them on my wife's arse. She didn't acknowledge that they weren't my hands and just continued to shake and dance. Then all of a sudden Paul's hands began to squeeze and wander abit. I'm sure he could feel the outline of the sexy thong that she had on underneath. My wife all of sudden began to react to this and backed up in to me and Paul. His hands were still on her arse and his left hand all of a sudden disappeared between her arse cheeks and down. My wife at this point reacted slightly and turned round to see us both grinning. She let off a cheeky smile and stepped forward. 

Due to the heavy drinking and people beginning to leave at this time. Nothing more happened. My wife quickly went to bed as she was completely hammered and everybody else including Paul eventually left. 

Later on after tidying the bar up a bit. I went to bed my wife was still fully clothed in my bed and she appeared to have just crashed out upon reach bed. I lay down and settled in to go to sleep when all of sudden she gripped hold of my cock and thanked me for a good night. She then turned round and backed in to me in a lazy doggy style of wanting me. I was hard at this point and jumped at the chance. I unzipped her play suit and she took her arms out and pulled it down her body. To reveal a sexy red high waist thong. I pulled it to the side and slowly guided my hard cock to her pussy. Upon reaching her pussy. I noticed how wet she was. It was as if she had been lubbed up she was so wet. My cock slipped straight in. I asked her why she was so wet? She simply smiled and said she'd been like that all night. I quickly finished off as I was ready to blow so quickly due to the nights events. 

I've questioned about that nights incident since and she just laughs. It really made me feel good and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

Written by K Willhelm

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