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One of Our Sex Parties Some Time Ago

Fulfilled or Filled Full, you decide

We would like to share some of our earlier sexual adventures this one is around the mid eighties and came about after the girls fancied enjoying each others company without their husbands as they had enjoyed sex with each other before on their own, whilst...

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Turkish Massage

Happy ending you decide

We can both vouch for a happy ending in Turkey for the Mrs. Always ask for a man and always ask if it’s okay to watch. The last time we both enjoyed it was earlier this year on holiday. we both went through the soapy wash experience and I enjoyed watching...

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Fitz Fucks Sarah as Alan Mauls Michelle

See Michelle fucks Alan for maul

As Michelle came out of the bathroom in her robe she came over to the settee on the patio and sat down and had a drink. She had had enough by that time as it was late and she had enjoyed several cream pies. We both watched as Sarah now sucked Fitz cock cl...

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We got back to the room and Michelle fancied some more drinks so I fixed us all some rum n cokes and Michelle went into the bathroom to “freshen up” and came back out after a few minutes in her dressing gown and we took ourselves outside to the balcony wi...

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One Wife’s Pussy is Another Man’s Cum Dumpster

Playing in the Nightclub Leads to Sea Fuck Creampie

We left a message in a forum regarding Michelle cumming in the night club on holiday earlier this year in Jamaica. This is what happened. It was our second day and we had enjoyed a good day of drinking and watching the party games around the pool all day...

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Back seat action - Next morning dirty shag

A dirty cunt on the cock is better than a wank in the hand

I looked down to see Michelle’s naked body with her legs slightly open, she must have undressed when she got up for a piss in the night, and went down on her cunt licking and sucking last nights spunky residue as I finger fucked her cunt. It wasn’t long u...

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We got back to ours with the two piss heads still asleep and as I pulled into our long drive I shook Michelle’s leg and she mumbled something and I shouted we were home and it was time to wake up. Both a bit worse for wear I asked if we were going in or w...

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Back Seat Action

Collecting the wife made a mess of the back seats

I had dropped Michelle off earlier in town for her to enjoy a night out with the girls and I drove back home. I got a text later in the evening saying she had met a guy called Simon who was on a stag do and had a fall out with his mates and she was cheeri...

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A Double Entry

Twos up anyone

I sat back in the chair and watched Michelle as she lay on top of Steve her legs across him with her large wet pussy still slightly dripping a mix of spunk and her cum juices over Steve’s soft but beginning to stir prick. She rubbed her clit and pussy lip...

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After The Stop Off in the Woods

A double entry for Michelle

Once we had got our clothes sorted we walked back to our house and the three of us went in. Michelle and Steve went into the front room and I went into the kitchen for some drinks. After sorting out some vodka n cokes I came back into the front room to se...

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Even these ended up with cum on them

Steve gets to finger her pussy

A quick one. We were in the pub watching England and had enjoyed a good few drinks and after the footy Steve came in and saw us and came over. Michelle had a good buzz on and was horny and immediately told Steve to sit down and I would get him a pint. He...

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The next morning I awoke alone to hear the sounds of fucking and I went along the corridor to our room to see Michelle on her knees with Steve fucking her mouth and Niall fucking her cunt. They were both well into the throes of passion with Michelle gaggi...

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Party night

Michelle gets drunk and has her pussy filled with cum

Last weekend we went to a party.suffice to say we both enjoyed ourselves and ended up very drunk. There was a guy there on his own called Niall who was around 35 a builder with a bit of a bod that Michelle found horny who was giving her loads of attention...

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