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It was Sunday morning and we had woken up in bed with Holly and Rob.

"We have a fryup for you this morning to get you on your way." Rob informed us as we entered the dining room. 

"You make it sound like we want to get rid of them. You're terrible Rob." Holly admonished.

We had packed the car and returned for breakfast. 

"Rob is a love." I told Holly.

"Yes he is, but so are you. Sit down."

The front door bell rang.

"This is Mike and Carol. Mo and Paul have been staying with us." Rob introduced us.

"Mike has a massive cock." Holly informed me.

Mike started to dig his cock out of his trousers. I thought what a dick. Then he pulled it out, and I thought WHAT A DICK, it was massive.

"I told you." Holly said.

I took it in my hand as much as I could. His balls seemed small but who cares about them. Mike looked smug and confident. 

Carol looked at me and made a beeline for Paul. Her black hair was big and curly. Carol lifted her leg and curled it around the back of Paul's knees.

"Let's go upstairs." Rob suggested. 

I never considered what Paul wanted, I just wanted that massive black cock in me. I bounced up the stairs.

I don't know who was faster getting everything off. His cock reached his bellybutton and was as wide as my biggest toy.

He pulled a green condom on and I felt it stretch me. I had been had three times before breakfast but that big black cock stretched me. He stretched me wide and deep. He moved into me slowly. 

Paul was sucking at Carol's tit and finger funking her. 

Rob was taking pictures,  but I did not care.

Holly was excited. "There is no way you are not feeling that cock."

"O God I feel it." I agreed.

Carol was touching Mike as he had me. I could just see Rob holding his own cock.

I could see dark arms wrapped round Paul as his body moved, forcing his cock in and out of Carol.

Paul was still fucking Carol as a deflated Mike left me. Rob moved in but I hardly felt him.

"Fuck my arse."

"He is big!" Holly commented knowing why I want my arse fucked. 

Paul filled his condom and went down on her pussy without removing the condom.

"More" I demanded.

"More cocks?" Holly asked.


"You heard her darling fuck her hard." Holly was enjoying me being fucked.

Paul turned Carol and started fucking her doggy. I could see Holly playing with Mike's deflated cock.

Holly must have read my mind. "He won't be hard for an hour."

"You want his big cock again?" Rob asked.


"Then you will have to cum back."

"Fuck yes."

"Good. We can fuck for days." Carol enthused.

"I want Mike's cock again."

"Slut." Rob accused. 

"Am I a slut?"

"When you want to be Mo." Paul told me as he filled another condom.

Pleasure surged through me as Rob filled his condom.

Even Mike's floppy cock was too big for a bj, but he gave a good oral.

Sadly we had to drive home, but we have put the room over the garage on our holiday list.

"So you like big?" Paul asked.

"It makes a change." Then I added. "He is big and big is good, but you know how."

"I'm not worried."

"I know. I picked you. Will you give me to him, do you want Carol again? Do you like black pussy?" 

"It's the person, not the pussy."

"You are so wise."

"You are a tease."

"Am I?"

"Wait till I get you home."

"Yes sir."

Written by Mo

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