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We had taken a Hotbed, and been invited to dinner by our hosts.

I put on stockings and a matching bra. "Should I wear knickers?" I asked holding up the small black lacey matching knickers."

"Are you intending to take them off?" Paul asked.

"I am, if no one else does."

"Then leave them off."

I opted for a looser dress. It did not show my figure so well, but it was easy to get a hand up.

"Ready." I announced looking into the mirror. 

"Shall we go."

Paul opened the connecting door, they had left it open on their side as Holly promised. 

I took a last look in the mirror, glanced at the swing and smiled to myself.

We walked along the corridor and found the stairs. 

Halfway down Rob greeted us. "You look great Mo. Would you like a drink?" 

"White wine please."


"Beer if you have it?"

Holly came out of the kitchen. "It's not much, it will be ready soon." She wore a tight blue long dress with a slash up her left leg. She went back into the kitchen. 

"Can I help?" I asked. 

"No, all done." Holly returned. 

"Have you tried the swing yet?" Rob asked.

"Yes, I enjoy it." I told them.

"It's more fun with more." Holly commented. 

"That is true." Paul contributed. 

"It's far more comfortable to get surrounded." Rob informed. 

"Easy to surround as well." Paul continued. 

Holly served small glass dishes, in the bottom was pistachio flavoured cake soaked in honey topped with vanilla cream sprinkled with more crushed pistachios. 

Paul got a glimpse of Holly's leg as she moved, OK so did I. 

"Where would you like to play, your place or ours?" Holly asked.

"What do you have in your room?" I asked.

"Nothing, just a boring parents room." Holly complained. 

"The kids have moved away." Rob explained. 

"Our's then."

As we went upstairs Rob ran his hand up my leg. "Nice, no panties." I felt his hand brush my pussy. 

Paul turned at the top of the stairs. Holly kissed him. His hand found the slash in her dress and ran it up her bare leg. Holly pulled his shirt out.

"Can't you two wait?" Tom asked.

"Sounds like you have started." Holly retorted.

I reached back and took his hand. I pressed it into my leg, then led him upstairs. 

We got to our room. I looked at Paul who immediately found Holly's leg again. Holly lifted her foot onto the bed complete with 3 inch heels. She gave a little tug to her dress and Paul could reach more than her leg. She raised her head as Paul kissed her neck. She fought to kiss him square on the lips. 

Rob found my zip and defrocked me. He found my bare pussy and put his hand to it. I pulled his head by his hair and kissed him.

Paul had opened Holly's dress, she was naked. He was back to kissing her neck with a hand on her tit. She was pulling his shirt open to feel his flesh against hers. 

I pulled at Rob's trousers. His eyes lit up as he gazed at my undies. I freed his cock and started to eat it. He opened my bra. If anything his cock got harder.

Paul was already naked apart from his socks eating her. She was complimenting him.

Rob savaged my tit as he excitedly fingered me.

"Get your cock in her." Holly said.

"Yes, fuck her." I told Paul.

As Rob opened a condom I handled his cock. 

Paul was kneeling between her open legs, pulling a rubber on. He was in her before Rob had his on.

He was not fully on the bed when I rode him feeling his cock in me, watching Paul's buttocks pump and Holly her mouth open and panting. I gave Rob what he wanted, he came.

"What a shag." He announced. 

"Yes, a good cock." Holly retorted.

I came as Paul carefully left her with a hand holding his condom on with a heavy filling.

The urgency resided for a short time.

"Would you like to sit in the swing Mo?"

I looked at Paul, there was a faint smile on his lips, it could have been the thought of me in the swing or simply the fact that Holly was running her hand up and down Paul heavily lubed cock.

"Yes please." I kissed Rob.

He led me to the swing. He and Paul helped me into the swing.

"You have a good cunt, don't you think Mo has a nice cunt Holly." Rob asked.

Holly felt my pussy. "It would be better full."

"Holly wants you to fuck Mo." Rob confirmed. 

"That is always enjoyable." Paul commented. 

"Look at that cunt and beautiful tits." Holly said as she kissed my tit while still fingering me.

Paul slipped his cock into me. Holly hardly moved her fingers. Rob offered his cock to my mouth. Paul moved very slowly. 

"I bet that naked cunt is good." Rob commented. 

"It's the best way." Paul responded. 

"A cunt should be full." Rob and Paul continued talking,  Holly and I had our mouths full.

"Nothing like a squelching cunt." Paul confirmed, I had not heard him talk quite like that.

"A squelching leaking cunt."

I came, I pushed Rob away before I bit his cock.

"Fuck her hard." Holly encouraged. 

Paul increased his thrusts, the swing began to swing and soon I was full and panting.

"Look at that cunt darling." Holly requested. 

"Just the way it should be." Rob declared pushing a finger in. I shuddered at his touch.

"O'yes." Holly pulled her hair back and started to lick my pussy. 

"Jesus." Rob and Paul shut me up with their cocks.

I pushed them both away and managed to say. "No more."

"Nice cunt?" Rob asked his wife.

"Very nice." Holly informed Rob before kissing him.

"Mmm, very nice." 

"Had enough?" Paul asked.

"For now." I answered. 

"Good, I can have them both." Holly demanded.

She pulled Paul to the bed and gave him a condom.

Rob helped me down, kissed me and went to the bed collecting lube on the way.

Holly sat on Paul and leaned forward. I sat on the bed and Rob pushed his lubed cock into Holly's bum.

Rob must have been excited he came quickly, and left cum in her. Holly sat up and started moving. She made sure Paul came before herself. 

Rob, produce red wine from a cabinet which we drank before going around twice more, another glass of wine and finally Rob rimmed my bumper that Paul had filled.

In the morning…….but that I will tell you about another day.

Written by Mo

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