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Are hosts told us not to dress for dinner so Paul put on a loose Tshirt and jogging trousers and I did the same, but only a very long Tshirt or you could call it a short dress.

There was a knock at the connecting door. I opened it. 

"You don't have to dress for dinner." Rob said standing naked in the doorway. "Dinner will be in half an hour."

"Thank you." Paul said, pulling his top off.

"See you soon." Rob offered a farewell.

"Is it a naked dinner?" I asked Paul.

"They did say don't dress for dinner."

"It seems they did mean don't dress for dinner."

We went down,  the four of us had dinner. They had placed towels on the chairs. 

After dinner we all went to our room.

We paired off and Rob had me on the big bed while Paul took Holly next to me.

I was riding Rob, and saw Holly dig her nails into Paul's back. She did not draw blood but she did leave moon shaped indentation. 

After a short recovery time Holly asked. "Would you help us with a fantasy?"

"If we can." I replied without saying anything you like.

"We want Rob fucked in the swing."

"Would you like that Paul?" I asked.

"I can fuck him in the swing." Paul said carefully stating it was me doing the fucking.

We finished the wine and Rob pulled himself into the swing, more graceful than I managed. 

His cock was erect in anticipation. 

"Comfe?" Holly asked, and without waiting for an answer went down on his cock. I stepped closer and felt Rob's hand on my backside.

Holly came up for air and offered me the cock.

By the time I stopped Paul had a condom on and Holly was lubing Rob's bum and sack.

Paul pushed his cock in. I watched it disappear into Rob.

"Don't move yet." Holly instructed. 

Holly began to suck on Rob's stiff cock. Rob squeezed my bum cheek and let out an appreciative noise. I could see Rob doing the same to Holly. 

I took Holly's place. Against one cheek was Rob and the other Paul. In my mouth was Rob.

Paul started to move slowly. 

Rob's comments became more frantic and his hold on my buttock firmer.

Soon Paul was  pounding faster and the swing moved more.

I gave up sucking on Rob and settled for running a hand over Rob and the other over Paul as Holly was. 

A jet of manhood launched from Rob. We rubbed it in and Holly offered her sticky hand to Paul who sucked it without breaking rhythm. 

Paul came, pulled himself and the condom clear and Holly descended on Rob's cock and pushed two fingers into his bum.

Rob came again and Holly headed for me. As she kissed me she transferred her husband's cum to me. I swallowed it.

Paul started to take the loops off Rob but was rebuked by Holly. "Leave him there. Spitroast me."

Holly was already laying me out on the bed. Paul pulled a condom on. I could see he was soft. 

"You can do it." I encouraged. 

Holly turned around and sucked on his cock. When she was satisfied it was stiff she turned  around and started on me.

Paul slid into her. Holly let out a hot breath "fuck" over my pussy, then went back to eating me.

Paul slowly got faster, soon he was pounding so hard Holly gave up on my pussy.

"You fucking lucky bitch." Holly commented. 

"He is good." I countered.

"He's fucking amazing." Holly panted.

Paul gave a big shove, Holly almost ended up flat on top of me. Paul pulled out, I could see he was bareback.

"Don't move Holly." Paul commanded.

Paul picked out the condom that he had left behind. Paul was soft and spent.

Holly kissed me and fingered me.

Paul went to let Rob down. 

"Leave him there." Holly cautioned.

I came to Holly's kisses and fingers.

"Not much cock around." Holly observed. 

I could not see Rob's cock but Paul was soft.

Holly went down on me and offered her pussy to me. I took it on my tongue. 

As I licked and sucked gently at her clit my hand searched for Paul.

He put his hand to my breast.

I was cumming and cumming. Finally I begged to stop.

Written by Mo

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