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Swing Stories


He took it

on the swing

Are hosts told us not to dress for dinner so Paul put on a loose Tshirt and jogging trousers and I did the same, but only a very long Tshirt or you could call it a short dress. There was a knock at the connecting door. I opened it. "You don't have to dres...


Another swing

I had two men and a woman

We had taken a Hotbed, and been invited to dinner by our hosts. I put on stockings and a matching bra. "Should I wear knickers?" I asked holding up the small black lacey matching knickers." "Are you intending to take them off?" Paul asked. "I am, if no on...


At his mercy

on a swing

Tim and Lucy discover a 'Hotbed' group. It's like airbeds, but for swingers. Membership is heavily controlled and we had to be sponsored by Tim and Lucy. We did not put ourselves on the book straight away, but we did look at the adverts. Paul liked the lo...


Swinging with ladies

and not knowing who

We had been at the hotel for five days and had already seen women on the swing. I remember how Brad had enjoyed being tied and blindfolded, of course we had both been blindfolded on oil night and the pardon me dance night. I was not sure about bondage but...