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I don't recall if I told you when I opened an account here, but I will tell you when I first met from the site.

It was after the visit to the club. I looked for a man close to us. It took a long time to find someone I liked, then I told Paul.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“Do you mind if you don't?” I answered.

“Not at all.” Paul kissed me.

It was Saturday when I started to worry about my meet.

“Paul, will you come with me?”

“To your meet?”

“Yes please.”

Paul drove me to the pub.

“Are you Mo?” Dave asked. What are you drinking?”


“Nothing stronger?”

“Just lemonade, let's sit down.”

“You never said anything about another man.” Dave said suspiciously as we joined Paul.

“This is my partner, Paul.”

“I thought it was just you.” Dave explained. 

“It will be, Paul drove  me here.”

“So will I bring you back here?”

“No, I will drive Mo to your place.”

“I don't do anything with men.” Dave complained.

“Paul is just concerned for my safety, he will stay downstairs.” I informed Dave.

“That's OK then.”

We all went in and Paul stayed downstairs. 

“So he is staying downstairs.”

“Yes, Paul will stay downstairs.” I confirmed. 

Dave pulled his top off. I watched.

“Are you getting undressed?” Dave asked.

I got undressed and sat on the bed.

He took hold of my ankles and opened my legs.

“Condom.” I reminded him.

I got myself set fully on the bed and waited.

Dave climbed on top of me and I felt him push into me. I did not count, but I would not have reached 100.

He came, climbed off, thanked me and started to dress.

I collected my clothes, thought about putting them on, but walked down stairs clutching them to me.

Paul was waiting for me.

“Want some more?”

“Yes please.” I conceded bending over the sofa.

Paul dropped his trousers. I felt him start to move inside me.

“Better.” I mentioned. 

“Better?” Paul asked.

“Harder, please.”

Dave walked in and just looked at us as Paul worked his cock. I looked at Dave as Paul worked me up to the point Dave did not. I was panting, feeling my breasts swing as Paul gave me a cum and filled me.

I turned around. “You never Took your clothes off.”

“You were too tempting.” Paul declared.

I turned around and started to suck Paul's still hard cock. I kept myself in position for a spitroast, but it never happened. 

As we left in the car I asked. “I thought he would do me as I sucked you.”

“I did signal but he was happy just to look. Are you going back?”

“Who knows?” I declared thinking there are other fish In the sea.

Written by Mo

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