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Tim and Lucy discover a 'Hotbed' group. It's like airbeds, but for swingers. Membership is heavily controlled and we had to be sponsored by Tim and Lucy.

We did not put ourselves on the book straight away, but we did look at the adverts.

Paul liked the look of a spare room in Bridgend. The view looked good, he said, but I suspect he was looking at the woman in stocking more than the window in the picture.

We were both a little nervous,  that is not like Paul. It's not like it was the first time we had met couples, more than a couple. 

"Hi, Mo and Paul, are those your real names." Holly asked, dressed very normally. 

"Careful she can scratch if you climb her." Rob advised. 

I felt better knowing that we might be having sex. Only because I was not sure if sex came, did not, or possibly came with the room. Knowing that the only thing that was not normal was a nominal payment for the room.

"Let me show you the room." Holly invited.

The room was above the garage. It had a separate entrance and to our surprise a swing.

"Rob enjoys a fuck in the swing. Do you?" Holly asked.

"They are fun." Paul admitted. 

"I never knew you have…" I asked Paul.

"Once or twice." Paul continued. 

"You must feel free to use the swing." Holly invited.

"Thank you, I'm sure we will." Paul excepted for us.

"That door leads to the rest of the house, there is a bolt on each side. We hope you will leave your side open. I will open our side." I got the idea their side was not always left open.

Paul nodded. I pulled the bolt open.

"I hope you will have dinner with us." Holly asked.

It was beyond doubt, they wanted to play.

I did not wait for Paul. "We would love to."

"Good, see you at five." Holly headed for the outside door, then turned. "There are condoms in the bedside drawer. We play safe, I'm not assuming too much am I?"

"Only what we are hoping." I responded. 

"Good." Holly left.

"They seem nice." I commented. 

"Nice enough." Paul admitted. 

"Nice enough to put her in that swing?" I teased.

"I thought you would like to try that?" 

"I do." I dropped my dress and pants. I had no idea how to get in the swing.

"Hold here and pull."

Paul helped me up and put my feet in loops. He started to undress.

"Am I helpless?"

"You're exposed."

"Will you have me?"

"My cock will."

"Is there nothing I can do to stop you?" We had not played this game before. 

"Nothing, you are in my power." Paul smiled.

I knew all I had to do was ask to get down. "Then you will use me."

"Yes, and anyone I give you to."

"Will you give me to many?" It was a silly question as we had attended orgies, but it sounded right for the game.

"I will, you will be had by many." Paul told me as he touched my pussy. "Your hole will be used, fucked and filled."

Of course I knew Rob would use condoms, but I knew that others would not, our closest friends. 

Paul pushed his cock into me. He pushed forward deeper than my pussy and the swing moved.

"You're going to be fucked by hundreds." Paul told me, I did not think it would be hundreds. 

I came hanging onto the chains, my feet pushing at the loops that held them but I could not close my legs. My pussy was at his mercy. My legs ached, my pussy was hot and lush. He filled me. I knew he filled me, but he kept going. His sack was wet and it slapped against me with wet sounds. O'dear, I think I'm getting excited. I came again.

"Now shall I let you down, or find someone to fuck you."

"I'm helpless, you can do what you want."

He did neither. He licked at me until I came again. 

I will tell you about dinner another time.

Written by Mo

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