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The Day After

"I learned that it was not only men who could give me pleasure."

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It was the morning after the party. Sharon and I slipped away.

"It looked like you enjoyed the party." Sharon observed. 

"I don't believe what I did yesterday, it was all a dream."

"It was no dream, you have given a lot of men a lot of enjoyment."

"They gave me a lot."

"I noticed. So you are going again." 

"Try to stop me."

"I will not stop you."

"Is it always the same?"

"No, sometimes it is better."

Bob came into the kitchen. Sharon opened my robe. Bob lifted my leg and slid cock into me.

"Does he feel good?"


"Is that a wet cunt?"

"Soaking." Bob answered.

I was perched on the side, leaning back. Sharon kissed Bob and rubbed his chest. Bob was still moving inside me.

Sharon turned around and opened her robe. It fell to the ground.

"Does that cock feel good?"

"Oh yes." I sighed.

"Is that cock really good?" Sharon asked as she placed her hand on my breast.

"Yes, yes, yes." and I knew it was not just the cock.

Bob came and stepped back. Sharon's hand dropped to my cunt. "Is that good?"

Her face was close to mine when I answered. "Yes, very."

She kissed me and I came. Sharon continued to work my pussy. I had just cum again when I saw Paul. Sharon noticed and turned around.

"Time for another cock."

Paul fucked me, he fucked me harder than normal.

Sharon was kissing Bob. I came quickly, then again and Paul filled me.

"Was that the best fuck Paul?" Sharon asked.

"The absolute best fuck."

"Off you go, go on shoo we are making breakfast." Sharon pushed them both away.

"Paul likes you playing both ways." Sharon told me as she helped me down and fingered me.

It was me who kissed her.

"I like that." Sharon told me.

We pressed our bodies together.

Let's make breakfast then we can go back to bed. We spent the rest of the morning in bed.

Written by Mo

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