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It was at a later party that six couples including us went into a dark room.

"The lights are voice activated, so anyone can say lights out." Lucy informed us. The room was suddenly dark. I knew Paul was close to me, the bed was to my right, a pile of cushions to my left and the floor was covered with mattresses. 

"If anyone needs the lights, just say lights on, but you should not need to do that." The lights came on.

B had stepped closer to me while the light was out. She smiled and I smiled back.

Lucy opened the door and spoke the magic words. "Lights out." The door closed and the room was totally dark. The draft excluder blocked light even from under the door. 

Paul kissed me, his hand slipped from my hand, then over my body and was then gone.

I knew he was looking for women. I felt disappointed that he was going but pleased his space could be filled by another. 

I felt a hand touching me in the darkness. I responded and found a woman. 

"B?" I whispered. 

"Yes." There were no more words. Her hand found my cheek then her lips found mine.

As we kissed our hands searched each other's bodies. 

I started to lay down.

"This way." B led me a few steps and we lay on the cushions.

She kissed my breasts then lower. I moaned and soon another hand was on me. I had no idea who it was. All kinds was hands were on me. Then a cock was offered to my mouth. I took it and sucked. I had no idea who it was. When I came to B's attention I forced the cock deep into my mouth. It filled my mouth. B worked her way up my body. I snowballed her.

"What have you been up to?" B asked.

"Don't you know?"

"I know. Ahh. Yes."

B's body moved gently to a rhythm. 

"Fuck me!" B encouraged.

"Nice cock?" I enquired.

"Fuck yes."

There was movement around us. 

Soon new bodies engulfed us. I discovered a cock when he slipped into me. Whoever it was took me doggy.

My sounds most have attracted another cock because there were soon hands around my head and a cock offered. I took it. More hands were on me. 

The cock in my pussy left, there was a little warm liquid that soon turned cold running down my leg.

The other cock was removed from my mouth. 

I crawled to where I thought the bed was. The bed was moving but I found a slimy cock, sucked it once and sat on it.

The door opened, there was light but my eyes were not used to it. The door soon shut and it was dark again. 

"Mo, I knew it was you." Colin told me.

"Shut up and let me use you." I surprised myself.  I rocked my hips back and forward. His hair tickled me. He was the only unshaved cock in our group. 

"You have a  nice cunt." Colin told me.

"You tell us all that."

"He does." Emma called from somewhere in the room. 

"It's true you all are. Best cunts ever are wet open and on my cock." Colin declared. 

"You're a bastard." Emma called.

"He's a hard bastard." I reported to Emma. Calling him a bastard did embarrass me. I continued moving and handed him to a man after I came. 

It was three hours after we started that I went down stairs, and about an hour before I went back to to play.

Sunday morning we went home with Sharon and Bob.

Written by Mo

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