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Alan 0 - 6 Me

"Hammering his wife whilst The Hammers get Hammered"

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Late on Saturday evening Maureen had messaged me to say that Alan was going to the West Ham, Arsenal match for the early afternoon kickoff. We weren't planning to meet as I thought Alan would be home. Apparently Alan had told this to Maureen some weeks ago and only reminded her on Saturday. Alan is a big Hammers fan and his friend had managed to get tickets to the game on Sunday.

Maureen told me that he would br leaving just before 10am to go to Stratford to meet his mates for the game. I knew I was going to busy during the morning so I told her that I would be over as soon as I could.

It was around 1:30pm Sunday I called Maureen and told her to get ready as I'd finished what needed doing. I got into my car and flew down the streets of South London. Being Sunday the roads were clear. I had to park slightly away from where I usually park on Maureens road as it was quite busy on the street being Sunday. Maureen knew I was hear as I usually send a live location so she can track me.

Walking up to her house Maureen opens the door I haven't even stepped foot into the house and she grabs me and we start kissing. Maureen is undoing my top and as we're stood in the doorway. Luckily we were slightly covered by the bush that covers part of the front door from where we were standing. I said to Maureen about the neighbours and she stated it wasn't their busniess who she was fucking. I giggled as she removed my top and threw it on the floor. More kissing followed as I removed my shoes. Maureen had her hand down my underwear and was grsbbing my ass before undoing and removing my trousers all while we're still in the doorway. We moved in and closed the door behind us still hungrily kissing. We weren't even sure where our clothes was at this point I thought it was outside the house as we were naked before even getting into the house. We make our way upstairs and I glare back quickly and could see a pile of our clothes in the corner, before turning and kissing Maureen some more.

We got into their bedroom Maureen had the football on and they were about kick off.

Maureen lays down on the bed and spreads herself open for me and I go in tongue first. Her sighs became moans, her moans became gasps, her gasps became rapidfire pants and guttural groanings and breathy. As her climax approached, her clit swelled into a suck-me-hard nubbin the size of the last joint of my little finger. After a few more seconds of swabbing licks and firm sucks.

Whilst there I decided to finger Maureen profusely. My penetrating fingers as her orgasm exploded through her body and ejected my fingers.

Maureen's orgasm came in waves, each signaled by three or four seconds of that powerful clenching grip and her loud, exhaled grunt from above my head. Between the clenches, her muscles relaxed for two or three seconds as she hyperventilated to refill her lungs with oxygen, then another clench would begin. The first clench expelled my fingers with its strength, though I managed to reinsert them during the momentary relaxation.

Maureen took a breather and decided to suck my cock. Slupring and deep throating my shaft we didn't even notice that Arsenal had scored not that we were bothered as I'm scoring with Mo and that moment and winning whilst Alan was losing.

After she finished sucking me off I moved upward on her body. Maureen's eyes were wild, her hands tugged at me. I positioned myself between those thick thighs and I strained forward to notch my shaft lengthwise in her flowing slickness. Our eyes locked as my cock stroked between her labia and across that meaty nubbin of a clit.

My cockhead breached the still-snug ring of muscle at her entrance, discovering her liquid silky heat inside. Deeper, I had to get deeper. Maureen opened her thighs as far as she could manage, bending her knees and holding them back with her hands, and I pressed forward, pushed forward, forced my way forward to get more and more of my cock inside her very snug and very wet snatch.

I pounded her some more and more missionary as she bellowed in delight. I could feel her pussy dripping wet. I was getting close a little too close in fact one last thrust and I filled her up with my warm spunk.

Catching my breath I looked up at the TV and noticed that Arsenal were 3-0. I got Maureen and told her we should do doggy whilst we watched the game. Mo perched down and I inserted my now again rock hard cock into her. Tugging at her shoulders and hair thr sounds of my cock slapping against her ass filled the room along with her delightful moans. I ramped it up and kept going and going after several minutes of pounding her I unloaded again in her as I done this Mo has let out a whiff of delight and acknowledgement of how good that was. It was half time in the game and I didn't even know that Arsenal were 4-0. I slowly watched Maureen drip out my warm spunk doenher legs. Then she came to rest on me whilst playing with my cock. After several minutes of kissing and wanking I was hard again. I got on top of Maureen and have started pounding her again missionary style whilst given her deep French kisses our tongues tied and bound by the passion we have for each other. All of a sudden her phone rings. It was Alan I continued fucking her as she spoke with Alan but was doing it slow and being as quiet as I could be. Alan was moaning about the score and was thinking about coming home early before the second half. Mo convinced him otherwise and he decided to stay. Inwas annoyed at Alan for interuppting us and so was Maureen. I nevertheless continued fucking her some more and unloaded in her for a third time.

We rested for a bit and the second half started in the game.

Maureen sucked my cock which still some had some cum on it from when I unloaded in her. Deep throating and gagging whilst I lay down. Maureen dripped some salvia on my cock which was rock hard again and decided to ride me. Maureen bouncing up and down on cock and grabbing the bedhead. We both were moaning in delight I could feel myself getting close again. Maureen continues riding me then I let out a scream of delight and fill her up again for the 4th time. Maureen slowly got off from my cock as I watched my cum slowly drip out of her. We had a rest for about half and hour and cuddled up watching the game which at this point was only going one way. Arsenal just socred their sixth goal of the game. Mo said Alan was fuming as he had messaged her. Again Mo told him to stay till the end as he rarely goes to the stadium so she kept telling him to see it out till the end. We began kissing again and which got me hard. I started to do my trademark body lick on Maureen which she always enjoyed. This is where I'll lick and cover her with my tongue it was my way of marking my terrority. I made my way all oberher body and then inserted my cock again into her pussy. I had her legs over my shoulder and started pounding her almost breaking the bed her adulterous screams filled the room I got doen closer to her and began kissing her some more I kept going and going and for the 5th time unloaded into her pussy.

I was shattered after this. The match had ended in 6-0 win for Arsenal. I thought it would be fitting that I go for fill up number 6th as Alan's team had lost 6-0 and I wanted to fill his wife up for the 6th time bu tI didn't think I could do it. I told Maureen what I wanted to do and she found this quite hilarious. I needed a bit of a rest. I knew Alan wouldn't be back for a few hours so we had time.

Whilst under the covers we started kissing and caressing each other. I was getting hard again. Maureen wanked me off to get me started and I got back into the missionary position whilst under the sheets. Still kissing her I grinded up and down on her her moans and breaths got me turned on as she pulled me ass down with her hands. I kept going Maureen with was giving me encouragement I knew I was getting close. Number 6 she kept saying come number 6th. I was panting quite a bit my hips were getting weak but I knew I had to keep going. Moans and agony were filling the room as my rock hard cock continued going in and out of Maureen. The covers were moving up and down off my back as Maureen continued with her encouragement. I wanted this but also wanted some personal retribution for Alan calling and interuppting us. I found a second wind and increased the velocity I kept going and going and let a massive yell as I orgasmed snd filled her up for number 6th. I held it there and she Maureen was almost celebrating this with me with kisses and hugs as we both laughed in delight.

I was done for the day.

I helped Maureen clean up and make the bed. She had the family coming over within thr nect few hours sohad to prepare dinner.

Then we both went downstairs and gathered our clothes up and changed. I could still see some of my cum dripping down Maureen as she was putting her top on.

A long kiss and hug goodbye from Maureen until the next time.

Written by Stupastar21

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