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Love Making to Adulterous sounds

"Night at Maureen's"

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Alan had a work convention with his company in Sheffield and was going to be away for the night. The work convention was running on Monday and Tuesday, with Alan only going for the Monday and would have been returning that same evening. Maureen had convinced him to stay till Tuesday.

Alan had left on the Sunday evening and Maureen had invited me round. I was working that day and was finishing late, but she didn't mind she still asked me to come round.

I managed to leave a bit early from work and made my way to her place. I had parked slightly away from her house and made my way to her. I didn't have to worry about the neighbours seeing me as it was around 11:30pm at night.

Maureen greeted me at the door she immediately grabbed hold of me and started passionately kissing me. We ground our body’s together and it felt so good to have her back in my arms.  I reached my hands under her blouse and caressed her back and then moved my hands down to grab ahold of her ass and pull her toward me. Her flesh felt so good to me. Our mouths were so entangled that I thought that just the kissing might make me cum.

I told Maureen that I needed to take a quick shower as Maureen was locking up for the night. We held hands as we made our way upstairs to the bedroom.

I then began to unbutton her blouse, and while doing that, I started kissing her neck.  As I worked my way down the buttons, I followed with my kisses. Then I gently took her blouse and bra off, revealing her beautiful breasts.   I gently caresses them and then followed my hands with my mouth.  I finally found my way to one of her nipples and I began rolling it around with my tongue.  She began to moan and I began to suck on her nipples.  She began to shudder and then with a gasp.

I quickly got undressed and Maureen handed me a towel whilst I made my way to the bathroom. Maureen followed me as she needed to brush her teeth. I cuddled her whilst doing this as my rock hard cock prsessed against her ass.

Once she was finished I ran the water in the shower and jumled in. Maureen had gone to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I remember standing under the warm water and lathering myself up. Me and Alan funnily enough use the same shower gel. After about ten minutes I had finished and had dryed myself off and made my way to the bedroom.

Maureen was already in bed under the sheets and had invited me in.

I slid into the bed from the foot end and started by kissing around her thighs, slowly working my way to her swollen lips and clitorus.  When I got to her hot steamy love hole, I very gently flicked my tongue across her womanhood patch.  When I would make contact, she would whimper and shudder with ecstasy. Slowly I pressed in closer until I was sucking on her pussy lips and making her squirm from the pleasure. I licked and sucked and drove my tongue inside of her until I caused her to lose herself in another gushing orgasm.

I made my way back up to her I began kissing her body as I climbed up on top of her.  I took my time and placed my dick against her pussy, but did not press to penetrate her, only to enjoy as our intimate flesh pressed up against each other.  She spread her Legs wide with her knees in the air, offering me free access to her soaking wet pussy. I wrapped my arms on each side of her with my hands gripping her shoulders, posisitioning myself to hold her intimately as I prepared myself to push my dick into her waiting love nest. I kissed her on the neck, and then intimately on the mouth, making love to her with my tongue first.  We both moaned in ectasy and she began to beg me to enter her.  I held off longer though, she was not at the point I wanted her at just yet, so kept teasing her until she finally broke down and said the magic words Maureen leaned into my ear and whispered in a passionate an very firm tone, “I need you to fuck me me right now. Maureen was showing a a very dirty side to her this is a married women, a mother and Grandmother. With this, I plunged myself into her sloppy, soaking love hole and she exclaimed “yes! Make love to me!" As I felt her vagina contracting around the shaft and head of my dick I pounded her missionary style. That pressure along with all of the foreplay and being in the marital bed she could tell that I was about to cum and so she said “please cum inside of me!  That turned me on even more, so I could resist no longer. Maureen's adulterous screams were filling the room. I was thinking about Alan, saying to myself don't worry Alan, I'm taking good care of your wife. You just stay up there in Sheffield Ya cunt I got this, lol. Still on top of her making love to herbin the martial bed. Her moans continued to fill the room as the headboard could be heard to bang against the wall. Kissing her licking doing what I wanted to her. I was getting close. Maureens hands were pushing me down into her I needed to cum. Ferociously rocking the bed now we both are maoning now. There is something about sex moans at night when it's quiet that's a massive turn on. Few more pumps and pounds I kept going and going all of a sudden....

I felt it from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, but mostly I felt it like a rolling thunder from the root of my man shaft to it’s head.  As my orgasm came, it caused my whole body to convulse.  I said, “oh god I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!” As I was starting to cum, I could feel Maureens vagina walls squeeze me again, so tight that it almost was pushing me out of her and she was breathlessly claiming another orgasm herself. I could also feel her pussy juice onto my shaft and it was running down my balls. I gushed a load of semen into Maureen as we both writhed in ectasy. As my orgasm subsided, her pussy was still contracting which began to cause super sensitivity to my dick head. As I pulled out I could feel our mingled love juices dripping off of my dick. I fell to one side and Maureen and I cuddled up.

After about 20 minutes we fucked some more and one last time before falling asleep together at about 2am.

Written by Stupastar21

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