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As I haven't been able to see Maureen during the Christmas period as Allan had been home yesterday was my first time seeing her in a few weeks.

Allan had been at work and Maureen had been off from work. I felt that I didn't want Maureen to think that I was neglecting her as I've been seeing Charlotte on the side as well, to which Maureen knows about.

I was quite eager to get to Maureen's houseas I couldn't wait to see her. Maureen told me to come for 10am just after allan goes to work.

Waiting in my car down the road with a hardon waiting for Maureen to give me the all clear to come in.

Agonisingly it seemed forever.

Finally Maureen messgages that's she's ready.

Quickly scurrying to the address trying to not be seen by the neighbours. I go through the front door. Maureen greets me wearing her usual silky black dressing gown.

We greeted each other with a long deep kiss along with cuddles. Our hands all ober each other as we deep French kiss. I open her gown exposing her body. Kissing whilst wrapped in each others arms. I slowly remove her dressing gown in the hallway as she stood there completely naked whislt we were kissing.

I start undoing my jeans and shortly my shoes, socks, jeans and underwear was off. Maureen played with my cock as we continued kissing.

Before I knew it my top was off and we were both completely naked standing in her hallway.

We had been kissing for about five minutes with our hands all over each other. I placed my fingers into her pussy and I could feel how wet she was. More intense kissing followed. I could sense Maureen knew that I missed her I continued hungrily kissing her, I just needed her and I was so horny.

Maureen took hold of my hand and lead me upstairs to her bedroom. We continued kissing upstairs as we slowly made our way to the room.

Once in their bedroom, I layed down on Allans Pillows whilst Maureen sucked me cock. I was grateful to Allan for being at work but also having a comfy pillow for me to lay on whilst his wife sucks me off!

Mo as Allan called her was moning and gagging as she continued sucking my rock hard cock.

I told to lay on the bed. More kissing followed and I began feasting on her. I was kissing every bit of her face neck tits. Kissing started to turn to licking. I needed her badly I needed to show her how much I missed her. I was making my terrority on her with my salivia. Licking her whole body as she giggled when I got to the sensitive parts of her body.

I make my way down both her legs licking one each and then have began sucking her toes. Mo always had sexy feet and I've always had a foot fetish. I gobbled both her feet into my mouth sucking each toe as I go along, licking the soles. I was like an animal unleashed and Mo was liking this side of me.

I work my way up to her pussy and began eating her out. My face was planted deep into her as my tongue worked away st her clit. Maureen was moaning her sexy moans just got me even more turned on.

Using my fingers I began fingering her firing my fingers in and out of her. I kept going and then Mo let out a massive scream and squirted all over my hand.

I dived in and began eating her dripping pussy out. I was biting at her pussy as she screamed some more.

Moving on top of her, I began pounding her missionary style as she moaned some more. I was just so turned on by her moans for some reason I just pounded her harder and harder the bed felt like it was going to break any minute now as Mo's adulterous screams filled the room.

I get her up as we share a deep kiss. Maureen could feel the energy I was bringing to her.

She bends over and I start giving it to her doggy style. My balls was slapping against her ass. I pulled her hair back and continued pounding her. I could feel myself getting tired due to the amount of energy I was using. I grab the bedhead for more grip and continued pounding. The sound of the bedhead hitting the wall did nothing to drown out her moans.

I needed a rest so I lay on my back and maureen has began riding me. She was going slow as we were both slightly tired. Maureen was right up close as we were kissing as she continued riding me, this was more love making if anything. Despite it being freezing outside, our bodies generated enough heat for us to be comfortable.

I could I was getting close and Maureen wanted me to unload in her.

I put her on her back and climb on top of her and began pounding her some more. I had a second wind now and began hammering into her pussy. The moans returned and again this turned me on. Maureen pressed her hands into me as I continued penetrating her. Maureen was begging for a load into her almost demanding it. Her moans encouraged me some more and I kept going and going.

I hit the point where I had to let it out I let out a big sign of relief as I continued filling up Maureen.

I rested on her for a bit as we shared kisses whilst she rested on me.

We cuddled and shared more kisses under the duvet whilst wrapped in each others arms.

Maureen had said she could tell I missed her as we continued kisisng some more.......

Written by Stupastar21

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