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Another day visiting Maureen. Everything is perfect, Alan is at work and will be gone till the evening and no one else will disturb us.

Standing in the hallway as I've entered I pull her against me with my arm wrapped around her midsection, and then kiss her.

Very much like an old movie she went from the wall to me, almost ragdoll-like. Before I was even to her mouth she was coming up to meet me.

There was a hint of toothpaste there, mine or hers I couldn't be certain and didn't think about for long. As her lips were against mine and we were kissing like it would save the world.

My arm started out on bare flesh, with her in her underwear. One hand became jealous of the other until they were both on there, going underneath the cloth to the flesh. Our kissing made noises that filled the hallwayour breathing a choir of enjoyment.

I was kissing my way down her neck, after having done the treatment to the other side. Leading me to the bedroom where I've probably spent more time in there with her than her husband Alan.

We got into the bedroom almost completely naked as we finished stripping each other whilst sharing deep kisses.

Maureen lays on the bed, so her legs are both as far apart as they could get. I know an offer when I see one, but considering I was already being drawn in.

 I licked up from that dripping hole to the puckered one above. I did it again, this time enjoying the taste of her before finding the more mild flavoring of her backdoor. Bringing a hand up to first rub at her clitoris with a pair of fingers, then slide them into her. As I shoved my tongue at her back entrance, trying to get it in instead of across. Mostly made fairly quick work of her as I licked while fingering her gash, then tongue delved into her cunny while rubbing her clit.

I rocketed her over the edge by shoving a thumb into her pussy while swirling her bump around with the two fingers, all while lapping away at her up until now untouched but very sensitive asshole. She slapped and clawed at the bedsheets whilst screaming but ended up shoving herself back at me at the end.

She was ready to get fucked and I was rock hard at this point.

I was holding her hips with myself thrust all the way forward. I could feel her pushing back against me. I was WAY inside her and loving it. After a moment of that I shifted not just my position but hers, so we were at ideal angles for each other. She screamed to the point where the whole street could probablyhear her, not when I drew out of her but when I slammed my way back in. Unable to fathom that anything could fill her up so good, it was an expression I knew Alan will never see.

Even with that sometimes I had to press my forearms to those cheeks to keep her lined up, as she tried to angle and tilt. I did give her some angle and tilt, if only so I could see my dick going in and out of her pinkhole.

I knew I was going to come soon.

Putting on her back whilst licking her body. I slid Alan's pillow under to prop her up.

I get on top missionary style and start pounding her silly. We both bouncing on her hubby's pillow and both knew what was coming unfortunately for Alan he didn't lol.

Her adulterous screams filling the room as I continue fucking her grabbing at the bedsheets. I kept going and going I was getting tired but needed to unload in her. Kissing and almost biting her tongue almost there.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!" I let out an unusual scream. What followed was stars in my eyes I lost all control for a time being. My warm cum filled up Maureen as she lay on top Alan's pillow with me still in her as my cum drips down on her hubby's pillow. Seemed like the ultimate betrayal from Maureen, but I loved it.

I stay there in her as we share even more kisses.

We went until 6pm before I left her dripping....

More stories to come I'm meeting her again most of next week.


Written by Stupastar21

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