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Virginia and I have joined this site. It's been two weeks, we did our best to say no nicely, we were holding out for a couple that we really liked. To be honest we were holding out for a couple Virginia really liked and I found OK.

We, I got lucky Virginia found a couple we both really liked. We exchanged mail on here, then phone calls and finally we spoke in a private room on camera. They were Kay and Donald, they both looked tidy. Kay was topless, small tits, Donald sat close to her sometimes copping a feel. It was Kay and Virginia who did most of the chatting.

"You like Kay, don't you?"

"I'd like to fuck her."

"More than me?"

"Virginia, if you are not happy to do this we can close the account."

"No, I'm just worried you will find someone else."

"We are meeting couples, Kay is married."

"I know, I'm being silly."

"No you are not being silly. If we are not confident about this we should not."

"She is prettier than me."

"No, she is different, hardly anything to get hold of." I hugged her.

"You think I am prettier?"

"Yes I do!"

"Then why do you want to fuck her?"

"I want to fuck half the women I see."

"Is that true?"

"Almost half! Do you want to fuck Donald?"

Virginia looked at me and asked. "Do you want me to fuck Donald?"

I considered that, "I want us to fuck them."

"Donald, will you fuck me?" Virginia wanted to role play.

"Can Kay and Tom watch us?"

"I want Tom to see you fuck me."

I took her in my arms. "You're beautiful. Tom will see my cock sink into you. You will cum and cum, I will eat you lick you cunt and fuck you."

"O yes please fuck me."

"Fuck you and fill you."

"Please do it now."

I pushed her on her back and pulled her knickers off. "That is a fabulous hole." I buried my head, smelling her and tasting her, rubbing my tongue into her bean. 

Virginia called "Yes, yes. Do it Donald." Her cunt bucked.

I came up. "Do you want me, do you want Tom to fuck Kay?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Fuck Kay Tom. I'm going to fuck this cunt of yours, fuck it and fill it."

I pushed my cock into her, took her panting wanting cock and I did not know if it was my cock or Donald's she wanted. I fucked her jabbing my cock in and out of her. She was frantic as she came and I kept fucking her she came again I filled her. I kept fucking she came again so did. I fell from her.

"Did you enjoyed fucking Donald? Do you want to fuck him?"



"I'm sure"

"Good, then next weekend we meet them and if you still want you fuck him? For real."

"You will stay with me?"

"I want to see you fucked, enjoy your every cum. I'll stay with you!" I kissed her.

We phoned them and arranged a meet.

Written by Tom

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