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After the hour in Jean and Robert's camper Robert invited us to spend an evening in it. We shared our location on maps and we found ourselves heading down a country lane, turning off and seeing the camper by a hay barn.

We got in the camper.

“What do you think?”

“It's out of the way.” I answered.

“It's a dogging site.” Rob Informed us.

Carol started to undress. No one moved to close the blinds.

Rob took a tit in his hand. Lights came across the field.

“The farmer likes an eyeful.” Jean told us, taking her own top off.

I pulled my shirt open, with a satisfying snap, snap, snap of poppers opening.

The light in the rangerover went on, the seat went back and the farmer’s hand disappeared towards his cock.

Jean kissed me. “Finger me near the window.”

Jean knelt on the bed. For the farmer I kept her cunt facing the window. Carol was sucking on Rob's cock. Jean was wet in cunt and mouth as we kissed.

Jean broke away and kissed her husband. 

Another car arrived. The woman had her tits out and the light on.

Jean started to handle Carol's tit.

The new car flashed its headlights.

Jean was kneeling and leaning over Carol. I took advantage and pushed into Jean.

Rob laid back on the bed and Carol sat on him.

I could see Carol riding Rob, the farmer seemed to be wanking and the man in the other car was handing his wife's tit. 

My hips powered my cock and I held on to Jean's hips. Carol's tits moved gently as she pleased Rob and the tits in the car were mangled.

I spilt my load and continued, cum run down her legs. Jean came followed by Carol and Rob.

As we relaxed the car flashed it's lights again and the man waved.

The farmer walked to the car. He leaned against the passenger door and we guessed he was getting a blowjob.

Soon the back door opened and we could see the woman climb over the front seat. The farmer climbed in on top of the woman. We could see the man watching the farmer fuck the woman. The car got misty and soon we could only see blurs in the car.

“I want you again.” I told Jean.

Jean obediently lay on her back and I reentered her soggy pussy.

“Come on Rob, I need some of that.” Carol declared and looked out of the window on all fours.

Rob started to fuck her.

The farmer left the car and pulled up his trousers as we fucked in the warm camper.

The man in the car wiped the windows,  then started to eat the woman.

I doubled my efforts and Jean came just before me.

Written by Tom

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