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When we got home, Kay stripped herself. I could still not believe Kay was there.

"Are we sending out for food or are we cooking?" Kay asked.

"Sending out, what do you want?"

"Cock, what do you want?"

"You, food can wait."

Kay had told me I could do anything, but all I could think was fucking her. I pulled my top off and held her. Her tits were warm against my chest. 

"I'm going to have you in every room." I told Kay.

"I hope so."

I pushed her down on the sofa and dropped my trousers. My feet were against the arm rest and I powered my cock into her, still dripping from the service station. One leg was trapped against the sofa, held high, the other foot on the floor, I was between her legs with one hand on the floor the other trapped around her body and my feet pushing against the armrest, fucking her relentlessly. All she could her was grunt as my feet pushed my cock deep into her.

"My, that was a surprise." Kay managed.

"You did not mind, did you?"

"I'll tell you when I mind." She pulled my head to her a sucked on my lower lip.

"There are menus in the kitchen draw." I told her as I got off her and walked to the kitchen.

Kay selected pizza and I ordered a delivery.

While we waited I made a deliver with her hands on the kitchen sink and me looking into the dark of the back garden.

We laid the table and then I laid Kay on the floor of the dining room. We had made it back to the sofa when the doorbell rang. I released Kay from a snog and looked for my trousers. By the time I got to the door she was taking the pizza from the young delivery man who was gazing at her naked body unable to move. 

"Thank you." Kay said, tugging at the pizza boxes that seemed to be trapped in his hand.

"You OK?" I asked.

My words broke the spell and the man hurried away.

"I'm fine."

We had pizza and wine, Kay wanted the toilet. I showed her where it was and she pulled me in with her by my cock. She sat and sucked on my semi.

"Go away and leave me to pee." She told me when it was hard.

I carried her bag to the bedroom.

"Where are you?" Kay called from downstairs.

"Up here."

Kay entered the bedroom. She lifted her bag off the bed and slipped between the sheets. I slipped in the other side. I did not kiss her, I buried myself in the sheets, then ate her pussy, before a last fuck and sleep.

In the morning Kay was gone, but there were smells of breakfast drifting upstairs.

"What time will you be home?"

"Ten pass five, will you be here?" I told Kay.

"I will. What would you like to eat?"

"Pick a takeaway. I don't want you to waste time cooking, when we could be in bed."

"Bed, how boring."

When I got home I discovered Kay in the bath, full foam. I went to the bedroom and undressed. When Kay did not join me I went back to her. The bath is an old fashioned one, room for two. I let some water out and took the tap end. Kay sat up and started to wank me.

"It's a bit tight to do much here." I commented.

"Not if we do it right."

"You have an idea?"

"Move back."

Kay stood up and turned around. The suds slowly moved down her body hiding bits of flesh. She knelt, gripping the end of the bath.

"Do you have any ideas?"

"I do."

I put one knee between her legs and awarkdly fucked her ass.

"Be careful." She told me as my other knee leaned too heavy on her leg.

I filled her and washed my cock. 

"Shall we eat?"

We had dinner delivered and I opened the door in my dressing gown.

After dinner we christened the two spare rooms, and spent the night in the main bedroom.

Wednesday was more about positions.

On Thursday I looked up a club and picked up a pack of 12 on the way home.

"We are going to a club." I told Kay.

" O, good. Are you going to hand me around?"

"No, I'm going to trade you."

"That will be fun."

We arrived, Kay new what clubs were about.

"Tell me who you want." Kay instructed.

"What about you?" 

"I told you I will say no. This is your week."

I picked a couple and Kay sat on his lap. "Would you like to play?" Kay asked.

It was the woman who answered. "Why not?"

"I'm up for it." The man said.

"He is!" Kay confirmed.

We found a room covered in mirrors. Kay dragged the man to the bed and sat on him. I kissed the woman with my back to Kay and the man watching them in the mirrors. I fingered the woman, then pulled a condom on and slipped into her. I could see Kay enjoying the cock as she moved, sat on him. I pumped the woman and filled the condom just after she came.

I put a new condom on and fucked her again. All I wanted was to fuck the woman and watch Kay getting fucked, we were both fucking doggy. 

When we finished we fucked them on their backs.

"I'm done." The man said.

"I'm not, are you?" Kay asked the woman.

"Not yet."

They started on each other.

"Fuck me." The man exclaimed.

"If you want." I offered jokingly.

"No thanks."

The women finished and I fucked Kay. I filled her cunt. The other couple left and left the door open. Three men found there way in.

"Give them a feed." I told Kay.

Kay opened her well stretched cunt.

"Eat her but don't fuck her." I told them.

One wanked, the other two ate her. She came for both of them. They drifted away.

"Did I do well?" Kay asked.

I slipped my cock in her once more and told her. "You did very well."

We fucked and went home.

Friday I took her back to her husband, but that is another story.

Written by Tom

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