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We have just got back from the summer holiday 10 couples for one week in the sun. We knew them all, but we had never spent so long with them all together. 

We arrived together, two minibuses took us to the villa. The villa was above a nudist beach. It was not a popular beach, not even a cafe. It never got busy before ten.

I can't tell you everything, to be honest I can't remember everything. We had a small swimming pool but most of us went down to the beach after morning activities. 

It was the third morning after shagging Pam. There were fifteen or sixteen of us  swimming,  but no one from outside of our group. We were all playing, splashing water at each other when suddenly I noticed Allan and Connie doing more than kissing. Connie was panting, Allan obviously had his finger to her pushy.

Slowly we all started to look. The slashing gradually changed to touching. 

I took Claire to a rock and started to fuck her doggy in the water. I had my back to most of the group, fucking, my eyes on the car park and sun slowly rising over the hills. 

Before I finished Bob was funking Sarah on the pebble beach. It was not till later that I thought it must have been uncomfortable for them. At the time my thoughts were on my cock in Claire and what would happen if anyone turned up for an early swim.

No one turned up, at least one more couple fucked, sorry, pair rather than couple.

By the end of the week everyone had fucked at least once on the beach. 

Carol and I are going on the next holiday. 

Written by Tom

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