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I met Carol at a party and she moved in. This is the first time we have been to a party together. 

We arrived a little early at Donald's suggestion. 

"Darlings, what is it like waking up together?" Kay created us.

"Fab." Carol replied simply.

"The reason we asked you to come early is to invite you on the Spring Holiday." Donald informed us.

"It's a 4 room villa, but if we share beds we can fit 10 couples in." Kay continued.

I looked at Carol. "Why not?"

"Let's  do it?"

As others began to arrive the party started. The normal things started happening, I got shagged by Timmy.

"Who are you giving me to?" Carol asked over coffee.

"Giving you to?" I asked, remembering I was meant to loan her. "Who do you want?"

"That's not how it should work."

"Just tell me who you fancy."

"It really should be you that decides, but if you can't Timmy. To thank him for shagging you arse."

It was as we were leaving that I did it.

"Timmy, would you like to take Carol home?"

"Thanks mate, we can't let you go home alone. Julie go home with Tom."

"Yes Tim."

"I will be a total slut  for Timmy, I will not embarrass you darling."

All the time Carol and I had talked about giving her away I kind of not liked the idea. Not the idea of her shagging others, but the idea that I was telling her who to shag for a week.

I took Carol in my arms, pull my cock out of my zip, put my hand up her dress, pulled her knickers aside and fucked her against the back of a sofa.

"You're soaking."

"What did you expect."

"A soaked bitch off to get fucked by another man all week."

"You'll have Julie to treat as you wish."

I filled her.

"That was a sweet goodbye." Carol thanked me.

I stepped away and realized my trousers were soaked with cum.

"If I'm getting that every night I will be pleased." Julie commented.

Julie and Carol moved their bags from one car to the other and we were off.

Written by Tom

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