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I've just turned 50, and I was widowed two years ago. I have been on this site for a year without any luck, which I put down to not making enough effort. 

I have just been on my first Saga holiday. Yes you are right I went in a predatory mode.

At the welcome meeting I cast my eye around the 40ish people looking for those who would and the much bigger group who I would. There were about 10 couples,  two possible mothers and daughters and the rest single women, half of which I would. 

I listened to the guide. 

After the meeting drinks arrived and we gathered around. I chatted and waited for any signs of interest.I was hoping that one of the daughters would show interest but knew my chances were higher with the ladies on their own. I waited for a signal, I did not want to be identified as a rake.

We met later for dinner and the singles mostly sat at one table. There were two I would like to bed, OK more than two, but two that I wanted more than the others. One wore her hair in a bun, she had to be 50, but did not show it, her name was Virginia.  The other was very chatty, but did not say much.

After dinner I said I was going for a walk to get the lay of the place and left. I was joined by Virginia as I left the hotel. She had a black shawl over her blue dress. 

"Can I join you? I don't like to walk alone at night."

"I was only going to walk along the front and maybe back up the main street."

So we walked. We stopped for a drink, they were large drinks.

I walked her back to her room and I returned to mine. I fell asleep after wanking over a fantasy of fucking Virginia and hoping her name did not signify anything.

The following day she sat next to me on the bus as we were dragged from one tourist trap to another. We had meals together and I knew Virginia was going to be my first gambit.

I said I was going for a walk again and Virginia said she would come with me. We had not gone far when she said she was tired. As a gentleman I offered to walk her to her room.

She opened the door but did not step in. I kissed her on the cheek. She took my hand and stepped backwards into the room. I followed. I pulled her shawl off and kissed her shoulder.

"I don't do this all the time." She told me. I did not care if she had her local football team each weekend and the visitors. All I cared about was she was doing it for me.

"If it's too fast you can just kiss me goodnight."

"...or I could kiss you good morning."

I caressed her bare shoulders and kissed  her. She pulled at the zip of her dress and it fell away to reveal a full pair of tits supported in a simple bra. I unhitched her bra. Her breasts sagged but not much. Each was a good handful. I kissed her and enjoyed the feel of malleable flesh. She sat on the bed and pulled at my belt and I stripped my top half. Her bun tickled my stomach as her head bounced on my cock. It was better than wanking. My hand lay gently on the back of her head informing her I enjoyed her attention. "That is good." I confirmed.

She stood, pushed her knickers down and moved fully onto the bed. "I hoped you would like it."

"I did, but let's see what I can do for you." I told her looking at the bikini wax.

I descended on her pussy, devouring it and sending her into a fit of pleasure.

I had bought condoms, if I used them I would be admitting I had plans. If I did not I could catch anything her football teams had given her.

She came to my rescue, " There are condoms in my bag." The word bag sounded painful, but I knew it was pleasure she felt.

She rolled over, opened her clut bag and offered me a condom. "I think they are still in date."

I never looked, I pulled it on and buried myself in her. Feeling her warm pussy engulf me and wanting to last, it was useless. I had not been so excited in months or so near a woman. I pulled out, turned and ate her pussy, she dragged the condom off me and took my cock into her mouth. She came twice.

We lay in each other's arms and fell asleep. In the morning I lasted longer and even long enough for her to cum.

Written by Tom

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