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As we left the party I exchanged Carol for Julie. As I drove away I wondered if Carol would be treated properly. Julie must have noticed my mind was not completely in the car.

"Are you OK?" Julie asked.

"I was thinking of Carol."

"Tim will give her a good time. As good a time as I'm sure you will give me."

I looked across at Julie,  but pulled my eyes back as I entered the roundabout. 

"No one has complained. Carol will enjoy a week of Tim." Julie assured me.

"It's the first time we have parted since Carol moved in."

"She will be fine."

"I know."

"It's sweet that you are thinking of her, but you will give me your attention I hope."

I rested my hand on her leg.

"I will." I told her.

"Good." She patted my hand.

I pulled into a loop of a roadside carpark. 

"What are you doing?"

"Thinking of you." I replied. 

"What are you thinking?"

"The back seat does not have a hand break in the middle."

"Are we going to fuck?"

"I hope so."

Julie laid on the back seat and pulled her skirt up and knickers aside. I dropped my trousers and climbed on top of her, our feet hanging out of the car. We kissed, my cock found her hole and I moved. As we fucked I opened her top and pulled a tit out of her bra. Her tit wobbled as I fucked her. Light passed over the car.

"Someone is coming." I commented. 

"So they get a show."

I never stopped till I filled her. Julie yelled yes, yes, yes. I knew she was putting a show on.

I got off her and rather embarrassed pulled my trousers up. It was a lorry that pulled in behind us. The driver was standing with a view of Julie, her dress up, tit out and no hurry to move.

"Very nice luv." Julie informed me. "Good wank?" She addressed the lorry driver.

For the first time I noticed the driver had his cock in his hand.

Julie reached for my hand and pulled herself up and out of the car. She straightened her lower half slowly but made no effort to rearrange her top half. She shut the back door and sat in the front seat rubbing her tit with an easy smile on her face.

I took the hint and we drove off. Only then did she tuck her tit in and button her top.

"That was fun." Julie told me as we drove off.

"What if it was the police?"

"No idea."

For the rest of the week Julie made sure the house work was done by the time I got home from work. Mostly we went out to dinner and of course we fucked.

The following weekend Tim drove Carol to us. We fucked. Tim was turned on by Julie's account on the lorry driver. Carol was shocked but said it must have been fun.

Sunday night Tim took Julie home.

Written by Tom

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