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We drove Sue to her first party. We arrived early as planned. 

Fay gave Sue her bag.

“Put all your clothes in there and hang it on the numbers peg.” Carol explained.

Carol pulled her top off. Sue shrugged and pulled everything off.

“Is it just us?” Sue asked.

“We thought you would like to start slow. Tom will show you around.”

“OK.” Sue replied. 

We left Carol naked in the sitting room.

“There is no sex in the kitchen. There was an accident before I started coming here. Just help yourself to any food or drink. You're expected to replace it next time you come, maybe a little extra. Later the sitting room can get active but early in the evening the fun is all upstairs. Would you like to see upstairs?”

“I guess so.”

“By being here you are agreeing to be fucked, but that does not mean you cannot say no.” I told Sue.

“What does that mean?”

“Men will not ask before they fuck you, but just say no. No means no!”

“So they will just do it?”

“Let's say if you are giving a blowjob and you leave your pussy exposed you will feel a cock slip in.”

“Like you and Kevin did last week.”

“Yes, just like that and if you fancy a cock just grab it, but no means no.”

“Do they ever say no?”

“Not very often.”

“This is going to be fun.” Sue confirmed happily. 

“You know every man will want to fuck you?”

“How many?”

“Maybe a dozen. You can spread them out. Just tell them you want a rest.”

“Carol told me.”

“This room is sometimes used as a dark room. You will not know which cock is fucking you.”

“It looks soft.” Sue observed looking at the cushions. 

“My cock is hard.”

“You want me, why did you ask?”

“Once the party gets started I will not ask.” I held her buttock and kissed her. 

“What will you do then?”

“I will see you, push my cock into your cunt and fuck you.” I pushed into her.

“Just like that?”

“If your legs are closed I may kiss you or grab your tit. If you want my cock you open your legs.” I continued to fuck her.

“Do I ask their names?” 

“If you want.” I pumped her.

“Do they want to know my name?”

“They just want your cunt. They want to know you have been fucked.” My words seemed to excite her. Her tits were swollen, her words strained as she came.

“By other men?”

“That's what the parties are about. Wives fucking, getting filled. Husbands fucking and filling cunts already full.” 

I came as she came for the second time. I stayed in her, supporting my own weight. 

“Do you want that?”

“I'm here.”

“You are.”

“Is it just sex?”

“Upstairs it is, but we are a community. We stay with each other. Help each other out. We have a plumber, a bookkeeper.”

We were laying side by side when Stev joined us.

“You must be Sue.”

“Yes, what is your name?”

“Stev, is this your first party?”

“Yes it is.”

“Are you OK to play?”

“You want to fuck?”

“I do.” Stev answered, placing his hand on Sue's tit.

Sue looked at me.

“If you want his cock fuck him.”

Sue looked at his shaved cock.

“Fuck her.” I answered for Sue.

I rolled away from her side. Stev started to finger her.

“You have a wet pussy.” Stev commented.

Sue opened her legs wider, but did not answer. 

“I've just fucked her cunt.”

“Do you like it like that?” Sue asked.


“Do you like my cunt used?”

Stev took her hint. “Cunts are best fully, used and easy to fuck.”

“What are you waiting for?”

Stev handled his cock and pushed it in with a sigh.

“Good?” I asked.

Hmm Sue answered. 

Stev continued to move. Sue jerked and came. Stev continued and came.

Sue was panting as I went down on her cunt. She came again and I slid my cock into her.

“Nice and sloppy.” I whispered into her ear as I fucked her.

“You do like it don't you?” She asked, squirming under me.

“I'll like it more when you have a dozen loads in you.”


“As long as you do. I'll have sloppy cunts tonight.”

“What about Carol?”

“She will get well fuck.”

“You don't mind?”

I filled her before I answered. “Why should I mind, I get her back full and juicy.”

“Are you done?”

“Just about, shall we find a drink?”

“Yes please.”

“Did she give you a fuck?” Kay asked Stev.

“She did.”

“Nice fuck Sue?” Kay asked, kissing her cheek. 

“Sue, did you enjoy the cock?”

“Wonderful” Sue said, looking across the room.

“I'm sure he will be happy to go upstairs with you.”

“What do I do?”

“His name is Jake, just ask to fuck him.”

“Just ask him?”

“Let's have him together.” Carol took Sue off.

They went upstairs with Jake and two more men following. 

I went up half an hour later. Sue was being spit roasted. Her hair was a mess.

Judith was laying on the bed watching her. I lubed my cock up and lay behind her. I placed my slick hand on her hip, then guided my cock towards her back door.

“You naughty man.” Judith accused as she pulled her knees up.

I slipped into her, feeling her tight ass grip me. I moved my cock holding her hips and enjoying her. I filled her, moved and started to finger fuck her. Her cunt was full and slimy. She came.

I looked up to see Sue still on her knees with a different man fucking her. Judith pulled me to her and kissed me.

“First one up there tonight.” She told me.

“I saw you being done.” Sue objected.

“They were in my cunt.”

“O, O I see.” Sue said, startled by the revelation. 

We were down stairs when Sue noticed Charlotte wearing frilly knickers.

“Why has she got panties on?” Sue asked.

“It's her time of the month, but her husband can play.” I told her.

“I see.”

“Come on, I'll introduce you.”

We collected Carol as we crossed the room. “Fancy going home with Tim and Charlotte?” I whispered. 

“Yes.” Carol answered.

“Charlotte,  Tim, this is Sue. The new member of our group.” 

“Are you enjoying Sue?” Charlotte asked.

“I am when I get a chance to think about it.”

“The first time we came here I was fucked by five, but our group is bigger now.” 

“Sue has been well seen too.” Carol told them.

A hand reached around and cupped Sue's tit. “She fucking amazing.” The hand dropped to her cunt. The finger came out sticky and he licked it.

“You're soft, later hun.” Sue promised. 

“Not getting much at home this week Tim. Take Carol home with you.” I offered.

“Thank you I will. Thank Tom Lotte.”

Charlotte kneels and sucked my limp cock.

“It's been overworked.” I said.

“Tim's not. Do you think you can fuck us both?” Carol asked cheerfully. 

“I expect so.” Tim hoped, as they went off.

“So what are you doing now you have given Carol away?” Charlotte asked as we walking to the kitchen.

“Something will turn up.”

“I'm sure it will but how will you satisfy it?” Charlotte asked, handling my still limp cock.

It was Saturday when Sue told me she was leaving with a couple. 

“Good. Make sure they get you back for duty on Sunday night.” I cautioned. 

“I will.”

As the crowd thinned on Sunday Fay asked me to stay.

“She is the first woman that Donald has not fucked on her first visit.” Fay commented. 

“I'm sure she will fuck him soon. Do you know when he will get out of the hospital?”

“In time for the next party.”

“Perhaps Sue will come and take care of him.”

“I'll have to ask her.”

When the last people left Kay and I spent a quiet night, and an early fuck before I went to work. 

Written by Tom

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