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We joined SH looking for a couple to join. Once we found a couple; Kay and Donald, and agreed to meet, I wanted to meet the following weekend, but it was three weeks before we met.

We met in the hotel bar. We sat in a D shaped booth, Virginia and me in the centre, Kay by me and Donald by Virginia. They looked at us with lust and the conference of confirmed swingers. I wanted Kay, the only question was did Virginia want Donald.

We sat with our drinks, Kay had her hand on my cock. Virginia held my hand. We commented on the women's dresses and what they showed.

It was Kay who asked. "Would you like to play with Donald?"

There was no point dancing around the question we all knew why we were there. I leaned towards Virginia and whispered. "I want to fuck Kay."

"I knew you would." She said looking at me, then looking at Donald. "Do you want me?"

"Like a thirsty man needs water."

Kay rubbed my cock and Virginia gripped my hand.

"I think we need a room." I told everyone.

"We do." Donald agreed and took Virginia's other hand.

Virginia did not let go of mine, and I followed her as she edged out of the booth. Donald released her hand and we walked to the room.

My cock was rock hard and I had repositioned it on the way to the room. I kissed Virginia standing by the bed. Kay and Donald undressed.

I unbuttoned her top. "Do you want Donald to undress you?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied.

Donald started to strip her garment by garment. I pulled my shirt off as Kay opened my trousers. Kay was sucking my cock by the time Donald pushed Virginia's knickers down. He stood up and probed her pussy with his fingers.

Kay started wanking me and told Virginia "He is good at that."

Kay and I lay on the bed and were soon joined by Virginia and Donald. My hand searched for Kay's cunt while our tongues brawled. Virginia was gasping with pleasure.

We had agreed to use condoms, but as Kay and I pleased each other and I pressed my body against her she guided my cock to her cunt and I pushed in. I had no idea what Virginia would say but I knew Kay wanted it and she took it.

"O yes, just like that." Kay told me.

"Give it to her." Donald urged me.

I looked over to see Donald and Virginia still in an embrace.

"Fuck him Virginia." I told her. Kay was wet and hot. Her hands moved over my body and her little tits felt good in my hand, but not as good as her kiss and cunt.

Virginia reached for condoms.

'Fuck him as you are.' I thought, but she used a condom.

Kay came as her husband started to fuck Virginia.

Talk of play and pussy changed. "I luv your cock in my cunt. Is she good Don?"

"Fucking good." Donald replied.

"I'm going to fill your fuckable cunt."

"Fill it, I want it in me." 

I continued pumping her and I jetted into her. I never stopped. She came again, then I did. When we parted, Virginia and Donald locked in 69.

"Fuck me Donald."

I sank my cock into Virginia as Donald sank his cock into his wife. 

"You gave Fay a good fucking Tom."

We both banged away. When I finished Tom was back at Virginia's cunt, Virginia started searching for a condom. 

"You don't need them, Virginia." I told her.

"O, o OK." She took Donald's naked cock.

"That's much better, this is the way to fuck." Donald announced. 

I descended on Fay's cunt licking up her deposits. As soon as Donald dumped his load I was at Virginia's cunt enjoying the mixed spunk. 

"You two are better than we expected.  I hope you're staying all weekend?" Tom said.

We did, and not a condom in sight.

Written by Tom

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