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Valerie and the Old Gits - Part 1 Fact

Girlfriend realises she is submissive and with a weakness for older men…

As for the previous episode (Valerie's First Flash) the original story is drafted by an acquaintance, with editing and polishing by me, and with his permission.

I am assured it is all true, and can say I have seen photos of Valerie, including nude photos, which confirm her physique as mentioned in the story. So now read on...

In the 1980s, my girlfriend Valerie and I had been together for about a year, and had enjoyed an erotic episode whe… Read more

Valerie's First Flash Fact

Girlfriend discovers she enjoys exposing herself to strangers...…

This a true story drafted by an acquaintance, with editing and polishing by me, and with his permission.

This is a true story about a trip to London with my girlfriend. I’ll try to tell it as it happened and as I remember the day as, it was very unexpected. It was the start of a sort of freedom for us which we developed between us over time.

This took place on the late 1980’s.

Valerie and I had departed Bristol for a trip to London, … Read more

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The older man Fact

its true, young women love to fuck old men…

I don’t usually write in to sites like this because what I do is my business, but I has read a few stories about younger women who love sex with older men and I feel the need to tell you my story because it’s a bigger thing than you might expect.
My name is Anthony and I am 80 year of age this month and I regularly fuck a 24-year-old beauty. In fact, I know of 4 other guys ranging in age from 65 to my age who have what is referred to as … Read more

the cruise of a life time Erotic

my older fuck buddy…

I’m a 31 year old married man in a pretty much sexless marriage. My wife and I get on but she has gone off sex almost completely. I know this isn’t an excuse for what I’m going to tell you, but it had led to a new life of amazing sex.
It started about a year ago when my wife and I went on a cruise. It was a great experience but its what happened on the cruise that made it even more amazing. On a cruise there are usually a lot of older p… Read more

New job for Mrs C Fact

New job is going well…

Well things are going well at the new job. And I seem to have set a level again 😂.
New office and company only had five guys working in it.
After a few months settling in and getting up to speed and showing I can do the job. Dave and I agreed see what they are like. The banter had been really good and they are a bit dirty minded. (Builders for you)

So the other day I chose a dress and no knickers as it was warm. Happily going about my … Read more

Educating Sandy - Fringe Benefits Fact

Word gets around…

‘Can we do it again?’
‘Of course, but I may need some help. Have you sucked cock before?’
The look on her face gave me my answer.
‘That is a no then. Would you like to?’ I kiss her. As I finish, she looks me in the eye.
‘I am not sure. I have never wanted to before but you have taken me to places I have never been and I feel I should oblige you.’
‘Obligation has nothing to do with it but it is all about participation. I kno… Read more

my first time Fact

my my one and only slutty adventure…

I am a 36 year old married woman and up until two weeks ago I had never been unfaithful to my husband and even now, when I thing back at what I did, I never agreed to have sex with anyone else, it just happened, but what is more shocking is the fact that it was me that instigated it and it was just sex with someone else, it was sex with another couple, people I had only just met.
We had been on holiday to Florida, we hired a villa and had a gre… Read more

Wife’s adventures in London hotel Swinging

Wife takes three new men in one night…

Flying into London
As I boarded the plane from Tokyo to London to spend the weekend with my wife, I was in turmoil. We had spent the previous week sending each other hardcore sex messages about how we were each going to take new partners when we were apart. Was this fantasy or reality? It was starting to seem very real.
The time difference meant that as I boarded the plane it was midnight in London. I had just received a text saying-
‘Hi d… Read more

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Jane Erotic

I like this lifestyle…

I have enjoyed sending Jane to meet men for sex for many years - many of her meetings have been previously described on this site. As there must be a limit to your interest in her exploits, I will attempt to describe the little things that I find exciting about our lifestyle.
I love to have her dress in stockings and suspenders without any underwear - she always protests but I insist. I am sure that her dates appreciate her obvious availability,… Read more

Our first time Fact

My wife ambushes me into our first swap…

Although she won’t admit it, Last weekend my wife and my best mate ambushed me into swapping.
I’m 57 and married to Angela who is 45. Angela is very attractive, a little on the skinny side with firm and very small titties. My mate Paul has been on for ages about how he would love to put his cock in her but I just laughed it off because he can be a bit outrageous with his comments but I made the mistake of telling Angela who went from an… Read more

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Unintentional orgy Fact

A simple fuck on the beach ends up in a foursome…

I am Nigel, I’m 36 and my wife is Amanda who’s 32. I’m into body building so I’m quite a big fella and Amanda is the opposite. She is 5’5”, slim but has great curve’s and heavy breasts and she’s relay attractive. Even though she has a great sense of humour she’s pretty shy which makes this all the stranger because we have just come back from a holiday abroad where she was fucked by complete strangers. It wasn’t planned a… Read more

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zero to fuck fest Fact

Old guy destroys my wife…

My wife is unconventional to say the least. She is 6’, quite skinny, has tiny tits and shaves her head to a No 1 cut. This all sounds a bit odd, but she is fucking hot. I am always being told by my mates how the wife is, she’s attractive but she has an amazing attitude, she will try anything once which is how we ended up with this story.
We have a villa in Florida, we go out there twice a year where we met Henry and Mary. Even though they… Read more

My wife is the driving force. Fact

The wife finds em then and we fuck em.…

First of all my wife is adamant that’s she’s not BI, yet she gets off on putting on a rubber cock and fucking women so you make your own mind up.
Helen 37, really pretty, short blond hair, slim with nice firm pear-shaped tits. We don’t go to swinger’s parties or anything but we do always get some action when we go on holiday, abroad or in this country and I’ll give you a couple of examples.
We are in a hotel in Iceland just for a wee… Read more

Joined in the park Dogging

We didn't even know what "dogging" meant…

It was Friday and I was winding down when Wife called me to chat about our plans for the weekend, and what she ought to make for dinner. Since it was just the two of us I asked if she wanted to go out to our favorite steakhouse. No cooking, get to dress up, good food and drinks? No question. She quickly agreed and said she would be ready at 5 pm for me to pick her up, so I made reservations for 5:30 pm.

The sun was low when I drove up to our … Read more

ANYA Swinging

We share our lifestyle with a younger woman…

The first time I saw Anya was this past July near Monterey. She and her friend were the last two to climb aboard the "booze cruise" - a wine tour Wife and I have taken a few times. It is a good time of riding around the countryside and taking private tours of wineries in the area and enjoying good wines with a dozen or so other people. Anya and her friend were definitely out of place on the tour. First, they were at least a decade younger than th… Read more

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The perfect arrangement Fact

Pregnant wife and my best mate convince me to swap…

My wife and I met when we were cabin crew on a well-known national airline. I loved to watch men undress her with their eyes and even though I’m not bad looking myself, I never expected to have a chance with her. Her name is Clair, she is the love of my life, tall, slim a deep copper coloured red head, in fact as far as I’m concerned, she is perfect and after 2 years of trying she is my wife and has been for just two years. Her best frien… Read more

the perfect gift Fact

My little secret present from my husband…

This isn’t swinging but I want to tell my story anyway. I am a 45 year old married woman, my family has left home and have homes of their own and I had been feeling old. My husband is a wonderful man and constantly tells me that I am a beautiful woman.
I know I’m not a young skinny girl any more, I am a little over weight, not fat but I could do with losing a good few Lbs and my breasts aren’t as firm as they once were and all that was ge… Read more

Holiday fuck fest Fact

Our first time swinging ruined my wife…

My wife is 45 and I am 53 and our swinging lifestyle started when we were picked up in hotel jacuzzi in Montana USA. We went there for two weeks out of our 8 week USA visit. If you don’t know Montana it is amazing, its mainly quiet country with towns of various sizes dotted around the place, but fuck, are they openminded.
Carol and I stayed in a remote hotel, it was quite big but at the time of year we went was quiet. We had never tried sw… Read more

from wife to slut Fact

I let men into me for my own happiness.…

I love reading your stories and it was these that made me take the leap. I am 36 and married with a young family, but I felt that my life was racing away and was so boring. Sex with my husband was mundane, it would last 10 or 20 minutes at most and did nothing for me but I love him and didn’t want to have an affair that risked everything. I work away every other week and will need to stay away for two or three nights and my husband is so go… Read more

my first and last orgy Fact

Boring housewife to strangers toy…

I am going to keep my personal details a secret because what I’m going to share with you can ruin my life. I am 32, married with a small family. My husband has a very good job and as he says’ he earns enough for the family, therefore, I don’t need to work. This frustrates me, more so because my husband doesn’t like me to work because he doesn’t trust me and up until now I have never done anything to make him doubt my loyalty to … Read more

In the woods with a stranger Fact

My wife and her new age lover…

This is going to be a bit of a strange one for you, its strange for us as well but we want to share our experience with you.
My wife and I are both 45, we own what used to be a farm but is now just our home. We own 12 acres of land including a large wooded area with a stream running through it. FO\r about 2 years now we have allowed a young couple to live in a caravan near the stream in the woods. They are what my wife calls ‘new earth peo… Read more

From the good wife to a strangers slut Fact

Just a fuck on the beach with a stranger…

My wife and I are both in our 40’s. Carol is a good looking woman, looks after herself with visits to the gym two or three times a week and the only thing she says she would change about herself would be her breasts. They are big DD and soft, she has hinted at getting a reduction for some time but I think they are fine as they are.
Carol is not an extrovert, she never flirts even though men flirt with her and she has been propositioned plent… Read more

Tea or coffee Fiction


It was 8am and I was having a second cuppa at home when the phone rang. It was an agency I'd registered with a few weeks earlier as a plumber. Could I get to a job in the next town, about five miles away as the client had no hot water. Off I went to the address to hopefully remedy the job. When I arrived I was welcomed by an older lady who it turned out was the mother of the homeowner. Karen asked me to come over and wait for you, as she needed … Read more

The Dare Fiction

What happens when you dare a hot wife ;-)…

You wake up early, lots of prep to do, nice shower, shave and make up done to perfection, and then the outfit....today is all about the outfit, should it be a skirt, a dress, mmm decisions, you try a couple of outfits on and settle on a little black dress, which when standing sits just above the knee but when sitting just covers your beautiful bum. You put your sun glasses on, it's a beautiful sunny day, set the phone up and check it is aimed at… Read more

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The younger are looking for older fun Fact

New experiences for an older couple…

My wife and I have been enjoying the swinging lifestyle for quite a number of years now and have been reading your stories about young women having sex with older men and we were wondering if anyone else has noticed the same trend.
I am Robert, I’m 61 and married to the gorgeous Carol who is 54. We are both in good shape and as I have already mentioned, we have been swinging for some time. Usually we meet other couples on average once a month… Read more

completely out of charactor Fact

From quiet and reserved to loving swinging…

If you ever met my wife you would not believe that she is capable of what I am about to tell you.
She is 45, attractive and has a great figure. She is quiet and until this happened was very conservative in her ways and still is, I suppose. She said once or twice that she felt life was passing her by too fast and asked me if I wished she was more exciting. I told her that I thought she was great as she is, but she would bring the subject up n… Read more

Me and the old guy Fact

My compulsion…

I’m 26 and married to a great guy but he works away a lot and I get lonely which is my excuse for what I’m going to tell you. I have never been unfaithful even though I am not unattractive and a really look after myself, men are always chatting me up and taking sly looks at my cleavage, but I have never been tempted until almost a year ago.
I have a high sex drive and I masturbate a lot, my husband bought me a ‘rampant rabbit’ which g… Read more

The set up Fact

My wife sets me up so she can fuck her friend…

I’m Stuart, I’m 31 and married to Tina 30. Ami is a stunner, dark skin from her Indian mother but he eyes are a dark blue from her father. We had been married for 6 years before this happened and although I am not sorry now, at the time it all started I felt tricked and strongly believed that my wife set it up so she could have sex with a ‘friend’ of ours and this is how she did it which I think you will find is very clever. And even t… Read more

My new life Fact

I chance feel at a party turns me into a whore…

I’m a 45-year-old married mother of three and I’m leading a double life and if I don’t share this with someone I will explode. But first I have to explain how I arrived at this point in my life.
I am self employed but have reduced my hours in order to look after my young children. I take them to school every morning before going to work. It was at the school gates that I met Clair. Clair is 23, also married with a child in the same class… Read more

Husbands attitude leads to great sex Fact

He nagged so I fucked…

I am writing my story in secret. Not from my husband because this is all down to him but from anyone, I may know who reads these stories. I am writing it hoping that someone has had a similar experience they will share.
I am a 27 year married woman with a small family. I am not unattractive, and I look after myself. My husband is an immature 33 year old who sulks if he doesn’t get his own way.
For a long time he has hinted and out right su… Read more

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