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My Horny Landlady 2 Fact

A fantasy fulfilled…

Thanks for all the positive comments about the experience I had with my landlady - losing my virginity and having full penetrative sex with Sally. It was a heady 6 weeks or so of great sex and she even let me cum inside her. In fact she wanted to feel it shooting up inside her and it was very exciting for me, a young 20 year old student, pumping my semen into an experienced 41 year old married lady, willingly taking my sperm into her unprotected … Read more

My Horny Landlady Fact

Sexual awakening with a sex starved wife…

After reading some of the accounts on here I thought it was time to share one of my own. As a young 20 year old back in the mid-1980s, I was studying hard at university. Sex was something I had not even thought about never mind experienced. At that time I had however watched a couple of porno films in private and had masturbated once or twice. I found it pleasurable, especially during orgasm!

I stayed in a house with another guy, both of us in… Read more

An Awakening Fiction

How you never know what you are missing till you find it…

Like a lot of men hubby had often fantasised about me being fucked by another man but out turns out he got more than he bargained for. We talked it through and decided on a few ground rules. Hubby would be there, it would only happen if we both agreed and condoms must be used and that’s as far as it went.
A month or so later a colleague from work was leaving and we all went for drinks after work. During the evening we all had a good time and a… Read more

Girl friends first Fact

A sexy holiday put my shy girlfrind int he mood for a threesome…

My GF Clair is 24 and fucking hot. She has long strawberry blond hair, a great body with an amazing ass and big but firm tits. We met in a club and there was a spark immediately but as hot as she is she is quite shy and it was about two weeks before we went to bed and a bot longer before I convinced her to stand in front of me naked. So, after a few months she told me about her ex and how he was boring and hence ex, but she opened up and start… Read more

71 year old ruins wife Fact

Old guy fucks the wife but always have rules.…

I’m Phil, I’m 55 and married to Nicola who’s 45. I retired a little while ago and live with my wife in a very nice apartment in an old Victorian manor house, the relevance of this will become apparent.
My wife and I are the youngest people living in the building, the next age up to us are Joan and Arthur, Joan is 60 and Arthur is 71 and he is a classic ‘dirty old man’.
My wife and I have only ever ‘swapped’ once before when we … Read more

The perfect arrangement Fact

Pregnant wife and my best mate convince me to swap…

My wife and I met when we were cabin crew on a well-known national airline. I loved to watch men undress her with their eyes and even though I’m not bad looking myself, I never expected to have a chance with her. Her name is Clair, she is the love of my life, tall, slim a deep copper coloured red head, in fact as far as I’m concerned, she is perfect and after 2 years of trying she is my wife and has been for just two years. Her best frien… Read more

the perfect gift Fact

My little secret present from my husband…

This isn’t swinging but I want to tell my story anyway. I am a 45 year old married woman, my family has left home and have homes of their own and I had been feeling old. My husband is a wonderful man and constantly tells me that I am a beautiful woman.
I know I’m not a young skinny girl any more, I am a little over weight, not fat but I could do with losing a good few Lbs and my breasts aren’t as firm as they once were and all that was ge… Read more

surprise beach fuck Fact

from quiet wife to a dirty bitch…

My wife and I are 19 and she is a dirty bitch. We fuck most days and she is a screamer, but until our last holiday she had only ever had sex with mem then she goes off the rails.
She is a looker, tall, fucking amazing body, long legs and nice firm tits, not too big, and believe it or not she was quite shy. So, we go on holiday and end up on a beach that allows nudists. It didn’t; take me long to talk her into taking her top off and in t… Read more

Holiday fuck fest Fact

Our first time swinging ruined my wife…

My wife is 45 and I am 53 and our swinging lifestyle started when we were picked up in hotel jacuzzi in Montana USA. We went there for two weeks out of our 8 week USA visit. If you don’t know Montana it is amazing, its mainly quiet country with towns of various sizes dotted around the place, but fuck, are they openminded.
Carol and I stayed in a remote hotel, it was quite big but at the time of year we went was quiet. We had never tried sw… Read more

Slut wife Fact

Friend with benefits…

Well my first BBC was back in 2009 I was in my mid 30s and I was working for a plastic factory as a shift supervisor
and we only had roughly 8 people on our shift . And there was a guy that was my floater helped me giving breaks and filling in when people called off . Every since I gotten hired in there he was very friendly with me and kinda flirty and at the time my hubby boyfriend at the time and I had played around in the swinging thing and … Read more

Threesome with daughter of a friend Fact

For the first time my husband and I are exhausted…

Hello everyone. I’m Angela and I am 47 and married to Geoff and we have a great relationship with my best friends’ daughter that I want to share with you.
Clearly my friend doesn’t know anything about this so I’m going to makeup a name for her and call her Anna. Anna is 19 and lives with us due to the fact that her parents are working away at the moment. Anna is slim, dark skinned, very very attractive with the cutest tiny titties I ha… Read more

from wife to slut Fact

I let men into me for my own happiness.…

I love reading your stories and it was these that made me take the leap. I am 36 and married with a young family, but I felt that my life was racing away and was so boring. Sex with my husband was mundane, it would last 10 or 20 minutes at most and did nothing for me but I love him and didn’t want to have an affair that risked everything. I work away every other week and will need to stay away for two or three nights and my husband is so go… Read more

my first and last orgy Fact

Boring housewife to strangers toy…

I am going to keep my personal details a secret because what I’m going to share with you can ruin my life. I am 32, married with a small family. My husband has a very good job and as he says’ he earns enough for the family, therefore, I don’t need to work. This frustrates me, more so because my husband doesn’t like me to work because he doesn’t trust me and up until now I have never done anything to make him doubt my loyalty to … Read more

Wife pulls for me every time Fact

The wife gets them and I fuck them…

My wife and I are both 45 and happily married, so what I am going to tell you my surprise you.
We both run an events company that means we are away from home a lot. We stay in nice hotels all over the country and host different events, including running training events for clients, so far very boring. But what makes it exciting is that my wife gets off on watching me fuck other women then fucking me. Again. So far so what. What makes it diffe… Read more

Meeting our mutual needs Fact

Sex with a single mum…

My work entails me visiting different sites and companies to do assessments.

At one place there is a lovely, hard-working single mum called Sharon. To tell the truth she's a little plain and overweight but I've always been attracted to her and found her sexy because she is a down to earth person and not a false bitchy person with a superior attitude.

Anyway one day I was at her workplace and as I was leaving, Sharon was too. She looked very… Read more

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In the woods with a stranger Fact

My wife and her new age lover…

This is going to be a bit of a strange one for you, its strange for us as well but we want to share our experience with you.
My wife and I are both 45, we own what used to be a farm but is now just our home. We own 12 acres of land including a large wooded area with a stream running through it. FO\r about 2 years now we have allowed a young couple to live in a caravan near the stream in the woods. They are what my wife calls ‘new earth peo… Read more

From the good wife to a strangers slut Fact

Just a fuck on the beach with a stranger…

My wife and I are both in our 40’s. Carol is a good looking woman, looks after herself with visits to the gym two or three times a week and the only thing she says she would change about herself would be her breasts. They are big DD and soft, she has hinted at getting a reduction for some time but I think they are fine as they are.
Carol is not an extrovert, she never flirts even though men flirt with her and she has been propositioned plent… Read more

Shy wife and black cocks. Fact

From once a week to a fuck fest…

My wife and I had spoken about ways to spice up our sex life for some time, in fact I would say that we had skirted around the subject for several years with the ‘would you, wouldn’t you’ conversation but neither of us actually willing to say that we would. Then, for the last 2 weeks we went from having sex with each other once a week to having sex with another couple once or twice a day.
I am Paul, I’m 56 and my wife is Annabelle an… Read more

the awkward fuck Fact

Employees wife just wont stop visiting for a shag…

Not sure if this classifies as swinging but my wife and I find we are in a but if a weird situation with a girl who just won’t go away.
I’m Barry, I’m 56 and my wife Anna is 45. My wife is BI sexual, every couple of months we go for a weekend break and Anna arranges to meet a female friend and they fuck, Anna can be a bit masculine and actually fucks her friend with a strap on, it’s hot I guess but I have never been allowed to watch the… Read more

Pandora box Fact

Our secret arrangement but so so wrong.…

It was my wife who was always the ‘naughty one’ wanting to role play which led me to blindfolding her, tying her up and pretending to be a burglar who find her and enters her. That led to us actually arranging to meet a complete stranger who we met on line who only I had actually seen. I booked a hotel room with adjoining bedrooms. I tied my wife up, blindfolded her and as agreed, told her I was going out for the evening. I went into the … Read more

Friends get benefits Swinging

Spin the bottle gets out of hand…

So you’ve been married for a few years. You love your wife but that doesn't stop you looking at other women, after all your a man. It was passionate at first and you screwed all the time. Then life got in the way, work kids. It happens to all of us. You didn’t stop desiring your wife but soon your not trying anything new and lovemaking is happening less frequently. When you do find time to masturbate your no longer thinking of the wife. Now i… Read more

The younger are looking for older fun Fact

New experiences for an older couple…

My wife and I have been enjoying the swinging lifestyle for quite a number of years now and have been reading your stories about young women having sex with older men and we were wondering if anyone else has noticed the same trend.
I am Robert, I’m 61 and married to the gorgeous Carol who is 54. We are both in good shape and as I have already mentioned, we have been swinging for some time. Usually we meet other couples on average once a month… Read more

Callela 3 ( tablets take control) Fiction

The Holiday continues.…

Callela 3 (Exhibitionism)

The lads in the toilet said they would get her into the corner to the side of the toilet and have a gang bang with her, a stocky fat one said he was first and would make her scream.
He said their last night here would be one to remember when they got home.
I left the male toilet and the girls were wanting to go to the toilet as Paula and Jane had cum seeping out of their vaginas and it was wetting their bikini botto… Read more

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completely out of charactor Fact

From quiet and reserved to loving swinging…

If you ever met my wife you would not believe that she is capable of what I am about to tell you.
She is 45, attractive and has a great figure. She is quiet and until this happened was very conservative in her ways and still is, I suppose. She said once or twice that she felt life was passing her by too fast and asked me if I wished she was more exciting. I told her that I thought she was great as she is, but she would bring the subject up n… Read more

Me and the old guy Fact

My compulsion…

I’m 26 and married to a great guy but he works away a lot and I get lonely which is my excuse for what I’m going to tell you. I have never been unfaithful even though I am not unattractive and a really look after myself, men are always chatting me up and taking sly looks at my cleavage, but I have never been tempted until almost a year ago.
I have a high sex drive and I masturbate a lot, my husband bought me a ‘rampant rabbit’ which g… Read more

Old Dave Fact

Doing a service to women…

This isn’t swinging but after two years of me keeping it a secret I have decided to share my story with you.
I’m Dave, I’m 66 and in good shape and I am screwing my neighbour’s wife who is 25. How can an old guy like me get to do that, well read and learn.
Despite what you may think, I’m a gentleman and so I’m going to change names.
Two years ago a young couple moved in next door, they had just got married and as I had retired e… Read more

The set up Fact

My wife sets me up so she can fuck her friend…

I’m Stuart, I’m 31 and married to Tina 30. Ami is a stunner, dark skin from her Indian mother but he eyes are a dark blue from her father. We had been married for 6 years before this happened and although I am not sorry now, at the time it all started I felt tricked and strongly believed that my wife set it up so she could have sex with a ‘friend’ of ours and this is how she did it which I think you will find is very clever. And even t… Read more

My new life Fact

I chance feel at a party turns me into a whore…

I’m a 45-year-old married mother of three and I’m leading a double life and if I don’t share this with someone I will explode. But first I have to explain how I arrived at this point in my life.
I am self employed but have reduced my hours in order to look after my young children. I take them to school every morning before going to work. It was at the school gates that I met Clair. Clair is 23, also married with a child in the same class… Read more

Candi has here 1st meet from here Fact

My 1st meet with a sexy guy from swinging heaven…

Candy’s 1st meet on here.
Hi all I’m Candi and I’ve just had my 1st meet off here and mmmm wow,

I won’t bother going into what I look like or my height and size just look at our profile lol.

Even though Wayne wants to know when and if I meet and he wants pics and to listen on the phone,
We had a row the morning off the meet and I told him I wasn’t going to do anything as I wasn’t up for it,
Little did I know my pussy would ta… Read more

Great night at the Marriott Fact

Hubby passed out, so nothing else to do but get fucked by stranger…

Hubby and I stayed at the Marriott Canary Wharf last night which was great thank you.

We met another couple that we’re staying there when we were at one of the restaurants. We got chatting and the alcohol was taking its toll as chat became more and more suggestive. Hubby was blitzed and wanted to go back to the hotel. We all walked back with him. As we went up in the lift our new friends suggested getting hubby back to our room and settle… Read more

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