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the perfect gift Fact

My little secret present from my husband…

This isn’t swinging but I want to tell my story anyway. I am a 45 year old married woman, my family has left home and have homes of their own and I had been feeling old. My husband is a wonderful man and constantly tells me that I am a beautiful woman.
I know I’m not a young skinny girl any more, I am a little over weight, not fat but I could do with losing a good few Lbs and my breasts aren’t as firm as they once were and all that was ge… Read more

Pandora box Fact

Our secret arrangement but so so wrong.…

It was my wife who was always the ‘naughty one’ wanting to role play which led me to blindfolding her, tying her up and pretending to be a burglar who find her and enters her. That led to us actually arranging to meet a complete stranger who we met on line who only I had actually seen. I booked a hotel room with adjoining bedrooms. I tied my wife up, blindfolded her and as agreed, told her I was going out for the evening. I went into the … Read more