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Tiler and Indian wife Fact

Naughty Indian wife plays with tiler…

Hi, I just thought I’d share an old experience with you all,

I'm a normal married Indian girl, considered sexy and highly sexed. During the last few years my husband has gone off sex and we made love once a week if that. This left me feeling constantly horny and led us to start using swinging sites where I enjoyed chatting on the chat rooms and reading the horny stories people posted. All the time hoping I could have an experience worth post… Read more

Watching Girlfriend got me Hornier Pt2 Fact

Her second session after the first time I watched her…

After our steamy experience following our last session, I encouraged Maria to bring Mark home to fuck him after their next driving lesson in the comfort of our bed. That whole week in the run up to the next lesson we were both so super horny in anticipation that our sex life went up several notches. We couldn't wait! We were fucking all the time and all over the place - the park, the library, the women's loo in our local pub ... and of course, th… Read more

Photography gone wrong 2 Fact

Next video…

It was Friday I was excited about the weekend to hang out with the wife and kids . I parked the car and walked into the house my wife and the kids were just sitting down to eat dinner . And then I saw it!!!! My heart sank but my excitement Rised if you know what I mean, on the counter there was a large brown envelope like the one I had received earlier . I picked up the envelope and I could feel there was a CD in it!!!! Instead of looking … Read more

Watching girlfriend got me hornier! Fact

This is the story about the first time i ever saw my girlfriend with another guy.…

Maria is a dark haired sexy Indian-Italian beauty with a body to die for. We used to play this game in bed that used to turn us both on, where each of us would come up with a fantasy describing an encounter with someone we both knew. It started off as a harmless game involving one of us meeting and fucking a celebrity but soon enough escalated to people we knew in our day to day lives (e.g the sexy waitress at our fave restaurant or the hunky bar… Read more

Sex on Great Keppel Island Fact

A promiscous hotwife strikes gold…

This happened about 20 years ago when Sophie and her girlfriend went to Great Keppel Island (off the coast of Central Queensland) for the weekend. I was at a sporting carnival. Each year I would play tennis and Sophie would go to Keppel. Often, she went alone but sometimes she took a friend. When she went alone, it always ended up as a weekend of sin and sex … and, of course, a hot story for me when she got back. On this occasion, she went with… Read more

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Our friend Jack Fact

And a friend makes three.…

We have a friend called Jack who often helps us with DIY etc. and although I try to pay him he says that he enjoys doing the work as it is better than staying at home on his own. Jack has been retired about 8 years and widowed for about 5 years.
He keeps himself fit and is quite muscular for his age which is probably late sixties. Personally I think he likes coming to our house as he gets to spend time with my wife, who is very attractive and h… Read more