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An Awakening Fiction

How you never know what you are missing till you find it…

Like a lot of men hubby had often fantasised about me being fucked by another man but out turns out he got more than he bargained for. We talked it through and decided on a few ground rules. Hubby would be there, it would only happen if we both agreed and condoms must be used and that’s as far as it went.
A month or so later a colleague from work was leaving and we all went for drinks after work. During the evening we all had a good time and a… Read more

Shy wife to slut Dogging

Within a month I was a slut…

I was the perfect mum and wife. Was. I’m not anymore. Some would say I became a fully fledged slut in just under 4 weeks.
Married for 25 years, with three daughters now aged 23, 22, and 17.
I’m Karen, 5’5, size 14 bottoms, 16 top (big boobs), brown hair, brown eyes.
I’d returned to work part time when my youngest went full time at school, and then once she’d started senior school, I went full time. I was 42 then and I’m 48 now. … Read more

Sex on Great Keppel Island Fact

A promiscous hotwife strikes gold…

This happened about 20 years ago when Sophie and her girlfriend went to Great Keppel Island (off the coast of Central Queensland) for the weekend. I was at a sporting carnival. Each year I would play tennis and Sophie would go to Keppel. Often, she went alone but sometimes she took a friend. When she went alone, it always ended up as a weekend of sin and sex … and, of course, a hot story for me when she got back. On this occasion, she went with… Read more

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Our friend Jack Fact

And a friend makes three.…

We have a friend called Jack who often helps us with DIY etc. and although I try to pay him he says that he enjoys doing the work as it is better than staying at home on his own. Jack has been retired about 8 years and widowed for about 5 years.
He keeps himself fit and is quite muscular for his age which is probably late sixties. Personally I think he likes coming to our house as he gets to spend time with my wife, who is very attractive and h… Read more