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Bicurious Stories



I got fucked

It was on a visit to Carol and Jeff. "Richard has been a bad boy." Irina informed them using my long name. "What have you been up to Dick?" "He fucked my sister." "You have been a bad boy." Carol commented. "I would fuck her." Jeff offered. "Jeff" Carol c...


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Back in Austria 4 Lina and Otto

1st July We had spent the night in an airport hotel and were up for continental breakfast early. We sailed through security Anna with her phone and toiletries, me with the rest in a small backpack. "Do you see how they touch?" Anna said observing two cabi...


It was not long after we caught Carol and Irina that they went out with Carol's friends. I dropped Irina off just in time for Carol to share a taxi with her. "Don't keep Carol out too long." Jeff instructed. "He's joking." I explained. They got looks from...


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Anna's night

Last weekend I had two ladies in bed, and out. Last night was Anna's turn to have her cock. Friday is busy at the club, so she had lots of choices. We sat in the chill room and Anna eyed up the talant. "How about him?" Anna asked, pointing at a man gazing...

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A reflection

As the years have gone by …….my sex life has taken a few turns

I have just turned 40 and if I may share with you how my sexual adventures have turned me into the woman I am today. As a teenager I found masturbation and orgasms which were a eye opener, I was addicted to solo self pleasure , in my early teens my pleasu...


An orgy

for my promotion

It was 28 days after I gave birth to my first daughter, time for me to return to normal sex. For the men reading this who do not know we give our children into the care of the Party at 28 days old. I was tidying my things to move out of the mother and bab...

Bicurious experience 3

I loved gripping his hard cock

I have been bicurious for a while and get really hard at the thought of wanking and sucking with another guy, previously I have had two experiences with older guys. This is my last encounter which was a while ago now but the thought still goes through my...