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We discovered Emily was pregnant today. I moved in believing I would get pregnant and Emily was happy with that.

Now Emily was pregnant I knew she was honest about us setting up a family together. 

"From now on Jane you get the first fuck of every cock. I'm so happy."

"I'm happy for you Emily."

"For us, we are going to be mothers together."

"Why do you think the father is."

"Fuck knows. Who cares." Emily dismissed the question. 

I kissed her. She kissed back.

I could not feel the changes being made in her body but knew there was a bump forming. 

"It's up to you who we fuck now Jane. I'll have your left overs."

"Do you know who I want first?"

"Tell me." Emily demanded excitedly.

"You, let's go to bed."

"O, no, we have to work twice as hard to get you up the duff."

"Emily, up the duff does not sound right coming from you."

"No, how about in the club?"

"How about fucked up."

"How about getting pregnant?"

"We will get men in, but I want you now."

When we reached the bed, I undressed Emily.

"I love you Emily." I told her as I fingered her cunt. "You feel wet."

"Are you sorry it's not you that's in the club?"

"I will be soon."

"You will."

Emily kissed me and felt my tit. I kept working her clit.

"O, God yes." Emily declared.

My finger continued to fuck her wet cunt, then she came.

Emily did not rest; she dived for my cunt and pushed my legs apart. I felt her hot tongue over my cunt and I pulled her cunt to me. It was hot and wet.

Did it feel better, it must have been my imagination. My hot body pressed against her hot body and we both came at least five times.

Written by Jane

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