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Poor Emily, sick each morning. We have stopped going to the club, but do have 5 men who we invite in, sometimes all at once. That is what happened last Saturday.

We never lifted a finger from the moment they arrived at 10 am. Emily normally feels better by 10.

"Hello boys. The lunch menu is in the kitchen. We would like lunch at 1. That should give you 2 hours, and if lunch is good, all afternoon." Emily informed our slaves.

"I have to leave at 1, my wife expects me." Tim said.

"Come to bed Tim. The rest of you can clean the bathroom, and come back nice and clean." I told them.

We allowed Tim to fuck us both, then sent him off to hoover. 

"First load darling." Emily congratulated me and rubbed my leaking cunt.

We were kissing when the bathroom cleaners found us on the bed. Tom normally took the lead, he new I was his first, they all had to fuck me first. Tom lay beside me and reached between my legs to feel me.

"Nice and wet?" Emily asked as she rolled away from me.

Tom kissed my neck as he pushed two fingers into me.

"Really wet." Tom answered.

I enjoyed the finger fucking as the other 3 handled Emily. I turned to Tom who lay on me and started fucking.

"You always have a wet cunt." Tom complimented me.

"They both do." Derrick commented.

I was halfway there when Tom got his cock in. He fucked and I came, he kept fucking and filled me.

"You're next Emily, make room." Tom commanded.

Jed moved and started fucking me. 

"I'm going to fill you you fucking bitch." Tom told Emily.

Tom was still fucking Emily when Jed filled me and left. Cum was starting to run down my crack. Matt was on me. Craig was wanking slowly. Jed was offering his cock for Emily to suck. Emily had cum twice and Tom was still fucking her when Craig took his turn at me.

Tim returned, his cock was hard. 

Tom finished with Emily and waved his half limp cock, I sucked it and Tim fucked me doggy.

After lunch we were both served by 4 of them.

"Now I want my reward." Tom reminded us.

Emily and I knelt to suck cock. Craig fucked Emily and Tom fucked me. 

"5 cocks 10 times, loose cunts. That's tighter!" Tom told me as he pushed into my ass. He fucked me hard as spunk ran down my legs and I gagged on cock.

They left together but Craig returned to spend the night with us.

Written by Jane

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