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She met me at the door in a lacy black negligee.

I had met Emily when she made up a 4sum and she invited me to her place. It was swanky, with a black marble floor in the kitchen and matching work tops. Her bed was a four poster with silk ropes decorating the pillars.

Emily kissed me open mouthed and memories of our 4sum flooded back. She stripped me of my dress. Her nipples were erect, giving extra contours to her negligee. I pushed it away from her shoulders leaving a matching bodice. As I hugged her I found hooks at the back and began to un-hitch them one by one.

"So you want me out of this then?"

"I want to get at you." 

She kissed me and unhooked my bra. "Do you want my cunt as well?"

I had spent a month with Ken, he did not say fuck and cunt. After two years with Simon I missed the honesty of his language. "I want to get at you cunt, and you at mine."

"No cock to get in our way today, just you, me and toys."

"What toys?" I unhooked the last of the bodice and let it fall to the ground.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. "We can see what we like in the box, but first…."

We reached the bed and she pushed my knickers down. I was freshly waxed. Emily touched me.

"I like your touch."

"I like to touch."

"Touch some more." I kissed her and laid back on the bed.

"I will." She kissed my mound and my legs sprang open. Emily pulled the folds of my pussy apart and devoured it. 

I moved to reach for her.

"Don't, just enjoy."

I lay there and enjoyed it six or seven times. Finally Emily allowed me up.

"You have to let me bring you pleasure." I informed her.

"First lunch, then you can have my cunt."

Lunch was champagne and smoked salmon with a small creamy salad. We ate it naked. 

We returned to bed. Emily lay in the middle. I traced her body with my fingers.

"That's nice." Emily told me.

My wandering hands found her pussy and I kissed her smooth cunt. Her legs opened intencerfing my desire. My tongue found her bean. She shivered when I touched her bean. I ran my tongue around her bean slowly increasing the pressure. Her next reaction was not a shiver, her body arched up to push against my tongue and I pushed down, she came. 

My tongue pushed deep into her pussy. When she calmed I returned to her bean bringing her back to the boil. Again her body ached for pleasure and I gave it to her. 

I moved to her anus and remembered she had come to my attention there. I rimmed her, but she did not come, I tried to remember what I did last time. Giving up I returned to her pussy and bean. Emily bucked.

My hands ran down her legs and my tongue exploded her pussy before returning to her bean to bring her back to the height of pleasure.

"Enough, let's take five." Emily said.

Emily got her box of toys out and selected a large cock shaped dildo. 

"Where would you like it?" She asked.

"In my hand."

I turned it on and the end swept in large loops. I switched it off and eased it into Emily's pussy. I turned it on and played her bean with my fingers. I pushed the dildo in and out slowly looking for her G Spot. I got a reaction. I kept the dildo at that depth, only moving it slightly. I looked her in the eyes and watched her react. Her body ached and twisted. Then she came. I switched the toy off and pulled it from her. I set it aside and ran my tongue over her bean. 

There was one last "hur." Then she pulled me to her to kiss.

"I have something for you." Emily said.

Emily searched her box and found what she was looking for; two oval snapped items, linked together with plastic cord. It was pink. Push the longer string in first. It was very soft but heavy.

"All the way. Now the other, you can put it in your cunt or ass."

I put it in my cunt.

"Now, press the end."

I did and the toys danced inside me.

"That is nice." I told Emily.

Emily picked up her phone. The toy changed the pattern inside me. 

"Nice?" Emily asked.


Her finger traced patterns over the phone and the toy responded. I lay there, on the bed and let the toy do its work. I convulsed with pleasure and finally after I came twice she stopped.

"If you don't want them both in you you can tuck the short one against your clit. When you turn it on my phone will tell me and I can make you cum. If you want that we can put an app on your phone, then I can work the toy from anywhere. Would you like that?"

"I don't know."

"Think about it, we can have one each. Keep the toy, it works without an app."

I took the toy with me.

Written by Jane

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