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Brad arrived on today, he was early but not very early and we were ready. We were dressed in identical transparent black negashee.

"Very nice." Brad commented as he came in.

"I bet you want to get them off?" Emily answered.

"No, I'll just lift them."

"Not yet. Would you like a drink?"

"What have you got?"

"How about a Redheaded Slut?"


"Calm down, it's a drink." I informed him.

Emily poured the bright red drink into three glasses.

"Not bad." Brad commented.

"Tell us Brad, do you trust us?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Don't worry you will enjoy it."

"I know I will." Brad answered hoping he would.

"Do you like the slut?" I asked.

Brad looked at the drink to remind himself what the cocktail was called. "Not as much as I like you both."

"Do you think we have just been called sluts?" I asked Emily. 

"Do you think we have been insulted?" Emily began.

Brad interrupted.  "No, I just meant I rather be kissing you than sipping this."

"Hhrrmm." I contemplated.

"I think he would rather fuck us. Is that right Brad?" Emily offered a lifeline.

"That is why you invited me." Brad grabbed the line.

"Come along then." Emily suggested as she started for the bedroom. 

It was a new imperial four-poster with some special refinements. 

"Very nice." Brad commented as we began to undress him. I think he was impressed. I was impressed by his cock once more, large and hard.

"Lay on the bed like a star Brad." I told him.

He looked hesitant for the first time. 

"You did say you trusted us and you did call us sluts." Emily continued to lure. 

"I guess I did?" He admitted. 

We tied his four limbs to the four posts. Emily picked a feather duster and I picked a fur glove. Emily touched his side.

"O, but you know what we are about to do. You need a blindfold." Emily informed Brad. 

"It's just us three isn't it." Brad asked worried.

"Just us hun, lift you head. That's it." Emily congratulated as she tied the fifth piece of silk over his eyes. "Are you comfortable?"

"Yes" Brad answered.

We pulled our negashaee over our heads and began again. I ran my glove over his body. As ran the glove over his ball a small glistening white spot appeared at the end of his cock. I took the cock in my glove and Emily licked the spot off.

"Who was that?" Brad asked.

"You will never know." Emily told him.

Emily brushed his chest and arms with the duster as I ran my glove over his legs and balls.

I moved up his body and Emily spread warm lube over his cock and balls. Emily started to wank him. 

"What a dirty boy you are Brad. Look what he has done Emily." I said, Brad had cum, jetting cum over his tummy.

"That's very wasteful Brad." We both scooped up cum and rubbed it in our pussy.

Emily continued to massage his balls. I fetched a small vibrator, and Emily pushed it into his anus.

"Fuck." Brad said in surprise.

"Would you like to be fucked Brad?"

All he did was repeat. "Fuck."

"I think he would like a cock in here." Emily continued to move the vibrating rubber cock.

She hit the spot. Emily was holding his cock vertically and the cum shot up and splashed back on Emily's hand. She turned the vibrator off, but left it in and guided his cock into her cunt as she sat on him.

As Emily fucked him and he declared. "Fuck yes." I took pictures of him helpless being fucked by Emily.

Emily took her pleasure, I handed my phone to Emily and she took pictures as I sat on him taking his cock into me. When he came he fell from me, a useless wet slug.

I pulled the blindfold from him and kissed Emily. He watched as we finger fucked each other.

We released him from the bed, he was hard again. He pulled the vibrator from his ass.

"Did you enjoy that?" Emily asked.

"You bet I did." He answered.

"Do you want to use that cock again?"

"Of course I do." Brad answered, reaching for Emily.

"Not me." Emily told Brad.

She looped my hands in the silk cloth and pulled my hands upwards using a ring at the top of a post. She stretched my arms up. I lifted my right knee and put it on the bed. I felt myself stretched by the rope and Brad fucked me against the padded bed post.

We showed Brad the pictures and promised to send him copies once we covered faces. He has just left a very happy man.

Written by Jane

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