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We had been at the hotel for five days and had already seen women on the swing. I remember how Brad had enjoyed being tied and blindfolded, of course we had both been blindfolded on oil night and the pardon me dance night. 

I was not sure about bondage but at the hotel there were no men to take advantage, Emily was there to watch over me, and I knew it was the best time to do it if I was ever going to. I volunteered!

I was helped onto the swing. The swing was body shaped and I was held to it by valco belts.

"Are you comfortable?" Karla, one of the staff asked.

"Yes thank you."

The swing was hoisted up, it did not swing much. The four corners were adjusted. Karla ran her hands over my body. She wore a one piece swimsuit, a small triangle covering her pussy and no more.

"You are about the right height, are you still comfortable?"

"O, yes." I told her enjoying her touch and noticing others coming to watch and hopefully more.

"Would you like to touch your wife Emily?"

Emily ran her hands over my body and under it. "You are very accessible." She told the room as her hand reached my pussy.

"Are you ready for the hood?" Karla asked.

"I think so"

"You can get off anytime you like." Karla re-assured me as she slipped the hood over my head. I had chosen the one with nose and mouth holes. Karla fixed it in place, asking. "Are you still comfortable?"

I was sure Karla was one of the hands on my body.

I could hear movement and feel hands.

"I am putting the headset on now." Karla informed me.

Suddenly there was silence. Then the headset was removed. "OK Jane, do you want to go on?"

"Yes, please."

The headset went back on and I'm sure it was Karla who kissed me. I raised my head as the retreating lips but my movement was restricted.

There were more and more hands touching me. I had no idea what was being said. Sometimes I was kissed. Sometimes my pussy was touched. My nipples ached and were almost painful when touched. Then I felt wet tongues which were soon replaced by something, a thick liquid, which was licked off my body.

While I was still trying to work out what was being licked from my body I felt ice, cold ice on my nipples and pussy, not in, not my clit, just rubbed around. Soon it was replaced by something warm, it must have been wax which was peeled from me. I thanked myself for shaving before playing.

Then I felt lips at my pussy. I lost all sense of time. I lost count of the hands and lips. My body came and came again. I wanted to feel, unable to see or hear, I wanted to feel, but I had no control of what. When I came my own weight limited my movement. I wanted more. All that time I desired touch. I never had more than a tongue in my pussy, my pussy needed  sensation, I needed sensation, but in the end I had no more energy and called stop.

The headset was removed, followed by the mask.

"Just rest." Karla instructed. She kissed me lightly on the lips.

"OK?" Emily asked.

"Yes." I managed.

Karla let me remain there strapped to the swing. I did not want to move. The spectators were talking, and they sounded loud after the headset.

"Can I get out now?" I finally asked.

Karla lowered my legs and with Emily released me. I was intoxicated with pleasure, my legs weak.

I was a victim of Karla once more before we came home, a very willing victim.

Written by Jane

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